Gable Lane Crates - Sow & Gather via Littles Glass Jar

Gable Lane Crates | Sow & Gather

Happy mail is my favorite. It just brightens my day to come home from a long day at work and see a package on my doorstep. Sometimes I have no idea what it is, and other times when there is a big pretty Gable Lane Crates stamp on the side, I know exactly what it is! My monthly crate full of farmhouse styled home décor goodies if you must know! It is crazy to me that nowadays we can order just about anything online and have it delivered right to our front door. But to have selected home decor as an option, now that is just wonderful and on a whole different level! This is my second crate, and again it did not disappoint! [If you missed my Mixed Metals Crate from last month, you can see it here.] Continue Reading

Farmhouse Pantry Makeover via Little Glass Jar
Room Reveal

Farmhouse Pantry Makeover

Shiplap has finally made an appearance in the Little Glass Jar household! It’s very minor, but it’s there! I wanted to test the waters with a small space before committing to an entire wall, or a whole room for that matter. And you guys, it was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Meaning now I want to shiplap the entire house! The walls, the ceiling, the floor.  HA! Maybe not the floor, but you get the idea. My poor husband! Seriously though, we shiplapped the inside of our pantry for our Farmhouse Pantry Makeover and it looks amazing. I have wanted to redo this space for a million years with this exact plan in mind and we finally got around to doing it a few weekends ago.

There are more than enough tutorials online for how to get the faux Fixer Upper shiplap look. I went with [this] awesome video tutorial from one of my favorite DIY bloggers Jenna, from Jenna Sue Design. Again, there are so many ways of doing this with different types of wood and methods, but this is the one that worked best for us, and it was super affordable.  Continue Reading

DIY Apple Crate Ottoman

Apple Crate Ottoman

It all started with a pile of vintage money sacks my mother in law gave to me. I figured I could make cute little pillows out of them, or come up with some other plan so they wouldn’t go to waste. Then they sat in what I like to call my basement flea market.  You know, that space in your house where all of your secondhand finds and future projects sit and wait for their new homes. For months, maybe years! I mean, you can’t pass up a good find even if you don’t really need it! Right? In all truth, my pile is a bit out of hand at the moment. But I have certainly learned to stop buying things just to buy them.  Some of the best decorating advice out there is to shop your own house, so that is just want I have been trying to do. I have some really good stuff in my basement flea market, so I put a few finds together and made this super easy DIY Apple Crate Ottoman! Continue Reading

Gable Lane Crates

Gable Lane Crates | Mixed Metals

Farmhouse decor is my favorite, that is no secret! We are slowly turning our builder grade house into a cozy home with lots and lots of character and charm. I think I love the modern farmhouse style so much because it does exactly that, and makes a home welcoming and warm. To me, there is nothing better than collecting each single piece that decorates your home and shows off your style. When I joined this blogging community I met so many people who shared in my same love of home decor. It has been so much fun to have the opportunity to get a glimpse inside other peoples homes, too. Last summer social media introduced me to two lovely ladies, Jennifer from The Willow Farmhouse and Becky from The Other Side of Neutral. Immediately I recognized the talent of these two when it came to our common love. Fast forward a year, and I am so honored and proud to be a brand rep for their new business, Gable Lane Crates! Continue Reading

DIY Industrial Coffee Table

Industrial Coffee Table

You know those projects that make you do a little happy dance when you finish them? This is one of those! Except I would be lying to you if I didn’t give my husband pretty much all of the credit here. I am super thankful that he is more than willing to help me out in some of my DIY adventures, and he never complains! At the same time I am saving us lots of money by doing knockoff projects like this one, so he really can’t object, can he?! I have wanted one of these industrial, wood top coffee tables every since I saw this one in a Home Decorators catalog. Problem is, it was way out of my budget. So as any DIY’er would do, I decided to attempt to make my own! I mean, that is what I love to do best!

I have seen some of my fellow bloggers make some great knockoff versions of this table (AKA Design HERE & Thimble and Cloth HERE), so I knew it could be done nicely! I also knew I would need some assistance building it, so I recruited my husband to take a trip to our local hardware store to price materials needed. We loaded up the car, headed home and got to work! Continue Reading

Door Knob Art Display

Door Knob Art Displays

The weather around here is finally starting to warm up and Spring is lurking, which only means one thing – flea market time! I am super lucky to live in a town that hosts a weekly flea market every single glorious Sunday, and I usually never miss it. Although it is a year round thing, the vendors aren’t in full swing until the weather is nice. So in the meantime, I have been trying to find places in my house for all of my past flea market finds that I have been hording storing in our basement. Amongst shopping the mess down there, I came across a box full of old door knobs that my uncle gave me that came out of my great great great grandmas house. Some were full door knobs, others were just pieces. I know I wanted to do some kind of DIY project with the pieces, and alas these Door Knob Art Displays were created! Continue Reading