Farmhouse Side Table
Furniture Redo

Farmhouse Side Table Makeover + GIVEAWAY

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Behr. All opinions are 100% my own.

You’ve heard people say it before, there is real power in paint. It can transform the walls of a room, or completely change a piece of furniture.  I always always always will give a discarded piece of furniture a second chance at life by slapping on a fresh coat of paint and seeing if it works. You really have nothing to lose by at least trying! I recently did a big time clean up of what I like to call my basement flea market (or a potential episode of Hoarders), and I had this little wood side table that I used for my record player and records back in the day that needed some love. So I gave it my attention. Continue Reading

Five Motivating Podcasts for Creatives

Five Motivating Podcasts for Creatives

When I started this blog nearly three years ago, I never thought it would be as important to me as it has become. I have spent countless hours and many, many late nights learning the ins and outs of this blog business. Believe it or not, blogging is in fact a legit business, and it isn’t near as easy as it looks from an outside perspective. It isn’t about just snapping a couple pictures, throwing them up with a few paragraphs, then calling it a day. It is so so much more. Continue Reading

DIY Striped Farmhouse Tray.

Striped Farmhouse Tray

Some of my favorite projects come out of my basement. My basement full of the most random things that I think I’ll for sure need one day. Which I most likely will. Or maybe not. You just never know, so might as well just hold on to them for the right timing!  I do the same thing with wood. Scrap wood, barn wood, archetectual pieces, so on and so on. There was this round wood piece that I picked up from our local hardware store once that I know I could turn into a project, and I finally did with this DIY Striped Farmhouse Tray! Continue Reading

Fiddle Leaf FigTree
Tips & Tricks

The Tale of the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

I’m not going to sugarcoat it. I am a plant killer. I have a black thumb like no other. But you may have already known that by now, since I like to brag about it. Instead I am a huge lover of the artificial plant group, and I’m not even slightly ashamed. But you know who surprisingly is like the plant whisperer in our home? My husband. He can turn any half dead plant into a thriving beauty, and yes I am completely jealous of his skills! Then again, the biggest part of keeping a plant alive is having to water it, and I just tend to always forget that step. Continue Reading

Life Lately Volume One

Life Lately Vol. 1

Life, it really gets in the way sometimes doesn’t it!? Here I am at nearly eleven o’clock on a Sunday night, watching House of Cards on Netflix, finally finding the time to sit and write a blog post. My blogging has been inconsistent, which is funny because my word of the year was consistency (whomp whomp, major fail). If you are a return reader I am sorry I have been so spotty, I certainly never intend to be. Life got busy, so I’m here to catch you up on just a few things! And let’s maybe continue to do this Life Lately chat every now and again shall we? Good! Continue Reading

Five Simple Ways to Improve Your Curb Appeal
Tips & Tricks

Five Simple Ways to Improve Your Curb Appeal

Summer may not officially be here for a few more weeks, but I always consider Memorial Day weekend the beginning of the new season. Barbecues with family and friends, pool parties in the sun, late nights outside by the fire pit,  it’s the best isn’t it? With all this time spent outside, you’re probably wanting to get your home in tip top shape, and how fitting since May is National Home Improvement Month! So get all your work done so you can relax and enjoy the beauty of summer! Continue Reading