Make these rustic, farmhouse style DIY Crate Side Tables for your living room or bedroom! They are so easy to make! Tutorial here:

Crate Side Tables

The sun is shining, my windows are wide open, curtains flowing, birds are chirping, and I am one happy girl that the weather has been absolutely beautiful recently. Beautiful weather for me means I get to work on building and painting my projects from our garage, and it is so therapeutic for me in so many ways. It’s where I love to be. Outside and creating things that add character to our home, and that I get to share with you guys! And today I have some pretty awesome DIY Crate Side Tables I built that I hope you all love! Continue Reading

Natural Easter Tablescape via Little Glass Jar

Natural Easter Tablescape

Holidays hold so much meaning. It’s a time to be with all of the ones you love the most, your friends, your family. I know for me, our family has so many traditions that hardly ever change from year to year. We go to the same place. We make the same dish. We have to nap to nurse our food comas. You know, the usual. Easter for my family always was spent at my grandparents house in the county. Easter for me reminds me of my grandma. She would cook up a huge meal, including the best lumpy mashed potatoes around, and she would make these elaborate Easter cakes with coconut flakes on top, decorated with bunnies or whatever else she created. I remember as a kid I would sneak into the laundry room where she hid them, and I’d swipe a finger full of icing before dinner. Those memories make me smile. Continue Reading

Farmhouse Spring Home Tour via Little Glass Jar
Home Tour

Farmhouse Spring Home Tour

I’m all smiles that spring is almost here! Granted it’s still sporadically snowing here in St. Louis. Make it stop! But I see sunshine and blooming trees in our near future my friends. I need to be outside already! Who’s with me?  Until then, I am super excited to give you a glimpse at how myself and a great group of my blogging friends are getting ready for the upcoming, fresh new season. I am so happy I get to share these talented ladies and their beautiful spring homes with you! Continue Reading

DIY Flower Market Sign via Little Glass Jar

Flower Market Sign

Other than me, who else is so incredibly ready for Spring? I’m sure I’m in good company. Not that we’ve had a bad winter, because here in Missouri we really haven’t had much snow at all. And naturally I’m saying that with snow in our upcoming forecast for this weekend. Go figure, right!? But seriously, I can’t complain. And the time change! Oh how I love longer days! I am so so excited you guys. I can see week nights being spent in my garage workshop working on projects already!  Hurry up Spring! Continue Reading

February Favorites from Little Glass Jar blog

February Favorites

February. The shortest month of the year that seemed like the longest one! I got sick with that miserable cold that’s been going around, and as soon as that started to go away I got the stomach flu. I’m so much better now, but pretty much hibernated all month in our house. And I’m not even mad about that! I also turned 31 and celebrated with a fun day out with my husband at all my favorite places – Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, Ikea, Weber Grill, and a St. Louis Blues hockey game. Seriously, the best. Can I stop getting older though?! I’m super glad it’s a new, fresh month and that winter is coming to an end, but I am excited to share some of my good finds from this past month! Continue Reading

DIY Farmhouse Candle Pedestals via Little Glass Jar

Farmhouse Candle Pedestals

I have five blog notebooks. Five of them. I carry each one around with me at different times and always jot down project ideas I have. Some of those ideas are big, some are small, some work, others don’t. That’s the name of the game though when it comes to being a DIYer. I cannot tell you how many projects I have finished that I never shared because I thought maybe they weren’t important enough for an entire blog post. They are mostly the smaller ones that don’t make the cut. The little details that add that much needed charm to a space. The accessories of a room, I guess you could call them. These are my favorite parts, and I realized I want to share them. Continue Reading