Recent Antique Finds

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Come and check out my most recent antique finds! I’m sharing all of my vintage goodies and how I style them in my home!

Recent Antique Finds

If you asked me to describe the most perfect day, it would absolutely include antiquing. It has seriously become one of my favorite things to do when I have some spare time.

Browsing through collected, vintage pieces and finding a few to take home is so rewarding to me. They’re things you can’t buy in a store. Full of history, and they’ve got a story to tell.

Mixing vintage in with new pieces makes for such a great balance in your home when decorating. I thought I would share a few of my most recent antique finds with you, to show you how beautiful “old and worn” can be!

Vintage Bowls

I’ve been collecting vintage bowls, pitchers, platters, you name it, for years. When I bought this old hutch, I knew it would be perfect to fill with these pieces.

I started with just plain white ironstone, but my collection has evolved to different colors and ones with texture and design too.

I love this little one I grabbed recently. It’s just beautiful the way these were crafted.

Recent Antique Finds

Spools of Thread and Twine

When I created this little bedroom office nook, I wanted to fill the shelves with things that inspire me to be creative.

I love all things home, so over time I plan to change some of the things you see in this little area. I loved the idea of filling this big glass jar with spools of thread and twine.

Recent Antique Finds
Recent Antique Finds

Vintage Baskets

I am a complete sucker for an old woven or wicker basket. When I found these two I could not pass them up!

You simply cannot have too many baskets! At least that is what my friend Lisa from Farmhouse on Boone and I both agreed on. She was my antiquing buddy when I talked myself into getting these.

Recent Antique Finds
Recent Antique Finds

Vintage baskets for perfect to store just about anything in.

I put one of them in my office for a throw blanket, and the other one in my daughters room to store all of her book in.

Recent Antique Finds
Recent Antique Finds

Vintage Clocks

One of my most favorite collections I have are my vintage clocks. I usually grab any Big Ben or Little Ben alarm clocks, or any that have that vintage vibe I love.

They look great to add in when styling shelves. I grabbed that little square one, and the two on the right end recently.

Recent Antique Finds
Recent Antique Finds

All Things Brass

Currently I am on a total brass kick. I love using brass trinkets here and there to add in a little touch of vintage.

It’s a great accent color to add. I found this little dish perfect for jewelry on my nightstand, and this adorable brass swan figurine for Baileys room.

Recent Antique Finds
Recent Antique Finds

Plaid Wool Throw Blanket

My absolute favorite recent antique find is hands down this plaid wool throw blanket. It is perfect for fall decorating soon!

The colors are exactly what I am going for this coming fall season, so I couldn’t pass this up.

Recent Antique Finds

Vintage Books

Always, always, always picking up pretty vintage books. These can be styled anywhere in your home, and just add such charm.

And there you have it, all my recent antique finds! I’ll have to start sharing these new additions when I come across them!

Which one was your favorite!?

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  1. Love your vintage finds! I love mixing some vintage in with my Farmhouse decor, too. I wanted to ask if you bought or made your wooden shelf? I am looking for something just like that for a space in my kitchen. Thanks so much – stay safe!

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