Tips for Creating a Vintage Art Gallery Wall with Online Printables

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Here are some tips and tricks when trying to create a vintage art gallery wall in your home with online printables. It’s an affordable way to get a curated look for less!

Vintage Prints Gallery Wall

Framed vintage art has become such a huge trend over the past few years. Whether it be original old paintings or affordable online prinatables, you can find them popping up all over in the design world.

I’ve been a huge fan of vintage art for some time now. I did my first gallery wall with vintage printables last year in our master bedroom makeover. Since then, I have added them all over our house. And when I’m out antique shopping, originals are always on my list.

However, online printables are the perfect way to get that curated look for less. I even wrote a blog post about where you can find vintage art online.

Vintage Prints Gallery Wall

When I was looking to update the wall in our living room behind the sofa, I went for this vintage arts prints gallery wall look once again.

Here are some tips and tricks I found along the way.

Vintage Prints Gallery Wall

Always Collect Affordable Frames While Shopping

Frames are always on my list when shopping. It can get expensive to buy all new ones, so when I am out shopping I’m always looking for deals. Sometimes I can find a great clearance deal at a big box store, or I find frames for just a dollar or two at bargain stores.

Check end caps at stores like Target for clearance items. Check Michaels for buy one, get one deals. Home Goods and TJ Maxx always have cheaper options when it comes to frames too.

When I am out shopping antique malls, Goodwill, and other thrift shops, I am always looking for frames.

Incorporate Different Style, Colors, and Textures of Frames

This makes the gallery wall much more interesting. Mix wood, metal, brass, thick, thin, old, new, matted, not matted, etc.

Customize Your Frames to Get the Look You Want

You can always change the color of a frame. Even new ones. I used Rub’n Buff on my gold frames because I wanted a more antique look. You can also customize the matting to whatever size you need it to be.

Vintage Prints Gallery Wall

Hang Frames Before Ordering Art

I like to figure out how I want my frames hung before I order art for them. So I played with the frame design (which can be tricky and take some time), hung them all up how I wanted them, then got online to order the art pieces for each one. That way you know what sizes to order for each frame.

Vintage Prints Gallery Wall

Where to Order the Most Affordable Prints Online

The cheapest prints I have found online come from Etsy. A quick search for “vintage prints” and you will find so many shops selling them. My favorite shop is called North Prints. They run deals for a percentage off when you buy a certain number of prints, and they always have the best collection.

Where to Print

Once you purchase your prints from the Etsy seller, you can either print them from home, which I only recommend if you have a great printer, or you can order them to be printed elsewhere. I always use Walgreens, because they also always have coupons for usually 50% off. You just go online, upload them in the sizes you want, and they can be ready in the same day.

Vintage Prints Gallery Wall

Frame Sizes and Sources of Gallery Wall

I chose to do a mixture of frame sizes and colors. I think with vintage looking art you can mix and match to play off of the artwork colors and textures. I also wanted this particular gallery wall to have all matted frames so the artwork wasn’t too overwhelming with the amount of pieces I had together.

Here are the frames I used:

Vintage Prints Gallery Wall
Vintage Prints Gallery Wall

Vintage Print Art Sources of Gallery Wall

Like I said above, I buy all my printable art from Etsy. Most of, if not all of, the prints in this gallery wall are from North Prints. Landscape art is my absolute favorite, but I also like to mix in simple sketches too, and florals here and there.

Here is the art I used:

Vintage Prints Gallery Wall
Vintage Prints Gallery Wall
Vintage Prints Gallery Wall

Overall I just love the entire look. All the different frames, the prints, how they mesh so well with the natural, neutral look of our living room. I think it was definitely a much needed change!

Vintage Prints Gallery Wall

Other Decorating Tips

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Vintage Prints Gallery Wall

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  1. Love this! I am keeping this post for reference.

    I favorited them on Etsy. Question – how did you decide which prints to choose from? There are so many.


    1. Haha, it’s hard! There are sooo many good ones! I just pick my favorites and try to match the colors as much as I can. It’s tricky when you do a gallery wall but I love how they turn out!

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