Moody Fall Living Room

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Bring the outside in this fall with a moody color palette. Burgundy, greens, and other dark colors create such a cozy, warm space!

Moody Fall Living Room

If I am being totally honest with you, I almost didn’t post this space today. When I was editing my pictures, I let the thoughts “this isn’t good enough” creep in.

It happens here and there. The comparison game. When you scroll your favorite blogs or Instagram and you start comparing your house to everyone else’s. It got me good this time.

But then I decided, I wouldn’t let it.

Moody Fall Living Room

My house isn’t perfect. It will never be. And that’s okay. Sometimes I get it right, and a lot of times I don’t.

I’ve been struggling a lot lately with my style. I feel pulled in a few different directions and it’s been hard to figure out. But I am working on it. That’s really all I can do.

Trial and error. And then trial and error again and again. Until it feels right.

Moody Fall Living Room

All that being said, as much as I wanted to redecorate and reshoot this space, I didn’t. Because sometimes you just have to sit with it.

And also because I have a toddler who runs this house, and to get this room clear of her toys was a chore!

Moody Fall Living Room

Decorating is tricky. It’s a process. And to have this job where I am suppose to be inspiring you all, I take that very seriously.

I want you to be able to pull some ideas away when you come here. Even if it’s just putting a bunch of little white pumpkins in a bowl on your coffee table.

That’s enough for me.

Moody Fall Living Room

I want you to love your home as much as I love mine. Because when I walk through my door from being away, it’s a sigh of relief.

Like all the weight of the world is lifted because I am home. In my happy place. My safe place. My familiarity. My comfort.

Moody Fall Living Room

Fall is my favorite time of year. The temperature drops and it’s time to pull out all the cozy throw blankets, turn on the heat, cuddle up and grab a warm drink.

It’s just perfection, and it’s time to slow down. A different change of pace.

Moody Fall Living Room

Now is not the time to get caught up in comparison. We are all struggling right now in this strange time. We have to be kind to ourselves.

Moody Fall Living Room

So here is our moody fall living room in all it’s imperfect glory! I wanted to use some traditional fall colors, like burgundy and greens, and bring in brass as well.

Moody Fall Living Room

I love all the small details, like the wood carved bowl filled with pumpkins. The glass jar candles and brass wick cutter. Old books, amber bottles, and fall foliage.

Moody Fall Living Room

These are the small additions that give this space life. Character and charm go a long way. Even when you’re second guessing the rest.

Moody Fall Living Room

This was not at all what I had planned to discuss on this post. But I just wanted you to know that if you struggle sometimes with decorating, I am with you!

Don’t fall into the toxic comparison game. We are all so much better than that!

Moody Fall Living Room

And as always, thank you so much for showing up here and cheering me on. It means more to me than you will ever know!

Moody Fall Living Room
Moody Fall Living Room

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Moody Fall Living Room

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  1. Dear, dear Ashley. Your posts ALWAYS inspire me! Even though (I admit) I tend to compare our home with yours and know that ours definitely should not have pictures posted!! You have the same armoire in your spacious living-room that we have in our crowded one. However that is the only thing here in our space that I can say looks anything close to how beautiful and organized yours is! Our small living room is also my husband’s ‘office’, AND it has our large chest freezer in it, albeit in a corner and behind a room divider screen! My reality is that, as long as we live in this house, our home will never look as lovely or as organized as yours! I often bemoan the fact and ask myself…who ELSE in the world keeps their freezer in their living room?! :O( And yet, there really are bigger problems in life for many, so I try not to let it bother me! It is our life for now. Our home has clutter in too many places (I am not as organized as you!) and I often catch myself comparing my ‘ordinary’ to other people’s ‘perfect’ while longing for the day when I can get it looking more the way I would like it to. Yet, when I come home from being away, despite how things don’t look the way I long for them to look…despite the clutter and imperfectly matching items or paint colours… it IS our home and it is where I feel at rest & at peace. The way our home looks will change over time, but the way our hearts look on the inside, and the way we love our families and others, those are the most important things. Ashley, you are an amazing mama to a little miracle! Keep your heart tied up with being her mama…and continue to soak in the wonder of who she is! Watch in wonder as she sleeps (I’m sure you already do!) Dance with her. Read with her. Jump in puddles with her. Sing to her and with her. Pray with her. She will grow up way too quickly! Be your best for her and for your husband. Don’t stress about trying to keep up with the content or style of other bloggers….THANK YOU for being so vulnerable and honest with us today. I think that most of us as readers can relate so much more to you in your honesty, especially in struggles, than we can with the bloggers who appear to have it all together! Besides, you have a toddler!! I don’t imagine that you always (ever?) get a full night’s sleep. I didn’t for what seemed like forever!! When our children were that age I was in survival mode for years!! Keep on doing what you are doing, and continue creating beauty both in your life, the lives of others and in this space. If you have time, don’t hesitate to add the occasional recipes and easy craft ideas that we can easily create to dress up our homes…And… above all, take care of yourself… and your darling little Bailey… and your husband…as priority. Your house will get dirty and messy and looked lived in..especially with a little one…and sometimes it will drive you up the wall but…that’s ok. Homes are intended to be lived in! And never hesitate to be honest with your readers. Praying for you all!! xo

  2. When you play the comparison game, it’s never enough. You are never satisfied. When you appreciate what you already have & live in gratitude what you have is always enough❤️

  3. I love your decorating style and love your honesty! It’s great how you take what you have and do so much! Your home is warm and inviting. I too feel like I want to compare my little abode with others and nice to know others struggle with this too. For the most part, I decorate our home for my enjoyment as well as the enjoyment and comfort of family and friends.

  4. Amazing job! I love so many things about your living room, especially your wreath placed over the pictures and the collection of amber bottles on your end table. Your lamps are great too. I also love the softness of the colors. You do a wonderful job!!

  5. I always love your posts. Don’t ever feel like your content is not good enough. You don’t even have to have a reason to post to have me read it! That’s how big of a fan I am! Wanted to ask you what scents and brands your little jar candles are. Just curious. I recently discovered East Tennessee Candle Company and I can’t say enough good things about their Chestnut and Brown Sugar fragrance for fall. If you order the bigger 16 oz size it comes in the most gorgeous amber brown glassed Ball jar! Your home always looks beautiful. I know reality says with a toddler it’s not always picture perfect but those are the moments memories are made in!

  6. Lovely. I really love your clean style with fun antique elements mixed in. I struggle with decorating because my home is really dark, and like you, I find myself pulled in several directions. But over time, I have learned that i always go back to a clean, simple style, and I truly value the stories and depth behind the antique pieces i love. I have also learned that I love to change things around. My husband doesn’t love that so much, but my creative side needs a change every now and then. Anyway, love your style!!

  7. Last year I got so burned out looking at all of the decorations and home improvements on all the blogs that I didn’t feel like decorating anything? I always enjoy yours. I’ve been following along for a couple of years and your house is one of my favorites. Enjoy your life, the toys and little girl messes as the kids grow up so soon and you’ll miss most of it. Good for you for being honest.

  8. I love your style. I have a lot of antiques and struggle with things not looking too dark or cluttered. Your house is one of my favorites because you have a love for old things, but make it comfy and bright. I am trying to transition a little and use only my favorite pieces.

  9. I’m always excited when I see you have a new post! I love how uncluttered your decorating is, how everything in your rooms are items you love and hold dear. That’s what a home should be filled with and not all the fancy latest trends from the big stores. You inspire more than you know!

  10. Stop beating yourself up over comparisons. Your home is warm, comfortable, inviting, etc. I much rather live in your home rather than some of the overdone places that we see on the net. You did a good job. Looking forward to seeing your toddler in pictures.

  11. I love your home. It has charm that you brought to it. The best thing about all of our homes is we fill it with love. Happy Fall!!

  12. I think your home looks absolutely wonderful! It is serene and cozy and beautifully decorated. I love the little details and the colors. Keep sharing your ideas and keep up the beautiful décor!

  13. Ashley I love your home. It’s cozy and it feels loved. None of our homes are perfect and like you I struggle with decorating as my house is small like yours and I have challenges. Like the sloped ceilings we have in the living room always seems to throw things off. You have no idea how much you inspire. The blog post you had shared about how to decorate a small entry inspired me. My front door opens right into my living room. I have no entry but with some of your posts it gave me inspiration to create a little space to give the illusion of an entry. Sometimes I say, “boy I wish Ashley would come over to give me some ideas” LOL. Seriously I look forward to what you have to share. This year has been a little overwhelming for all of us given what is going on. As for your decorating in being pulled in different areas. I get it. I used be all farmhouse country. And yes I like the modern farmhouse but find I am pulled more toward Scandinavian farmhouse with the clean lines, wood and natural elements. I think our style evolves and changes as we change. There is nothing wrong with that. You will find it. Thank you for your blog. It’s like meeting an old friend.

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