Cozy Fall Bedroom

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Create a cozy fall bedroom with warm linens, festive pillows, and seasonal accessories. Mix and match fall colors and patterns to bring the outside in.

Tonight while I was editing pictures of our cozy fall bedroom, it made me wonder if other people decorate or change anything in their bedrooms for different seasons.

I get that it might seem like a little too much work, but in reality, it doesn’t have to be! I love trying to make all our main rooms tie into each other as the weather changes or a holiday approaches.

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You don’t have to go crazy by any means. Actually, I really only change out a few things:

  • Bed Linens – I always keep my main bed cover a neutral color like this ivory quilt. I then bring in a different color that goes with the color palette I chose for the season/holiday in a throw or duvet that I fold up for the end of the bed. 
  • Throw Pillows – I mix and match colors, patterns, and textured throw pillows to go along with my theme.
  • Accessories – I typically add a few seasonal accessories on each nightstand, such as the vase with leaves and candlesticks in this space. I also love bringing in wreaths and other florals/greenery too.

This year I chose a muted, natural color palette with greens, browns/ambers, and a caramel color too. I’ve been mixing a ton of patterns this season too, with plaids, gransack, and buffalo check all making appearances. I’ve always been nervous to mix too many patterns, but this time I just went for it and love how it all turned out! You’ll see!

I am loving these plaid pillows I found at Kirklands, and the green velvet ones I scored on sale from Pottery Barn. The ivory lumbar pillow is also from Pottery Barn that I got from our local Pottery Barn Outlet. 

And believe it or not, that ivory quilt is the same striped one that I usually have on this bed, I just reversed it and it worked out perfect! Sometimes you just have to play around with things and think outside the box!

I am obsessed with these antique brass candlesticks that I have collected over the years and they work so great for fall, or even year round. I always just change out the color of the candle. Hobby Lobby has every color you can imagine, and it’s where I found these ones. 

This room just makes me want to open up the window and enjoy a cup of coffee in bed with a book. Right now it’s actually just our guest room, but since our master isn’t anywhere near where I want it, I love spending time in here instead! What is your favorite part of this space?

So tell me! Do you ever add seasonal/holiday decor to any of your bedrooms? Or I am just crazy!?

Let me know!


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  1. This will be the first year I will be changing out some of my bedroom decor to add some fall colors to it. Love what you have done to your room and it gave me some great ideas for my own room! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. I’m really liking your muted tones this season, Ashley! Those beautiful green velvet pillows will work great for winter, too. Yes, I add a few seasonal elements in our bedrooms – nothing crazy but I’m a quilter so I have a variety of vintage and my own creations to add a little splash of seasonal color here and there. Zenda

  3. I don’t usually decorate for fall or any holiday other than adding a few seasonal pillows and throws. You’ve made a believer out of me, Ashley! I love everything about your bedroom. It’s warm and cozy, uncluttered but shows your personality. I especially love the arrangement of mirrors above the bed, and I’m in love with the duvet at the end. I didn’t see a source, can you share?

    I’m off to clear off my dressers and night table and add some candlesticks! Thank you!

    Jane ????

  4. Hi Ashley,

    I decorate our bedroom for the season without going over the top. Changing pillows is the easiest and makes a difference.

    Christmas I tend to add a bit more for a Christmas feel.

    I would love for you to take a look at my blog and follow back.

    Hope the baby is good


  5. It would be hard for me to pick a favorite thing about your bedroom because I love it all. However, I do especially love the way you have your bedding styled. I do decorate in several rooms but rarely do I do much in the bedrooms. Hope life is going well with that beautiful and precious baby girl.

  6. Hi Ashley,
    I have never decorated our bedroom for the seasons, but this year I did add some fall touches. It seems funny,
    but it does make a difference. I love it! And now cannot wait for Christmas.
    On your side bar….you have momma to be……change that to momma of beautiful baby girl. ????

  7. I love decorating my bedroom for the changes of the season. I just recently gave my bedroom a total makeover and it’s all dressed up for fall! I hope to share it soon!! I love your throw pillows!!!

  8. I like the room very much. Just thinking that I had brass candlesticks years ago, but I gave them away. No, I don’t change bedrooms for the seasons.

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