Vintage Door Headboard

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One mans trash is another mans treasure. Or woman in my case! I have always loved this saying because it is a direct reflection of my style, and it is so true! Sometimes I am just in awe of how you can find exactly what you are looking for in a secondhand store, rather than a big higher end one. For instance, we have been looking into getting a new headboard for our guest bedroom since we moved into our house, but we weren’t having much luck.  It has been driving me crazy because I felt a headboard was the one big detail that was missing from the guest room space. Then fate stepped in as it always does, and I found an old vintage closet door that I instantly knew would be perfect for our bed. Did I buy it right then and there? Of course not! I passed it up on multiple occasions and regretted it every time until finally I knew I had to pull the trigger before someone else did. Another saying, here today gone tomorrow would have haunted me if I didn’t buy this door. Plus, it was only $39.00! Why I make things more difficult and stressful than they should be is beyond me!

I loaded it up, brought it home, and recruited my wonderful husband to help me turn this door into a beauty of a headboard. Since it was a closet door rather than a full size door, it was super easy to turn into the Vintage Door Headboard of my dreams!


Vintage Door Headboard. Pin


Vintage Door Headboard. DIY


We added two 2x4s as the legs, using 3 screws on each leg to attached it, and bolted it to the metal bedframe as well. I painted the raw wood black to make it look like one cohesive piece.  And that is it! Again, super simple as always! And very sturdy too!


Vintage Door Headboard. Black Door Headboard


Vintage Door Headboard. Easy Door Headboard


Vintage Door Headboard. Simple DIY Headboard


Vintage Door Headboard. Super Easy Headboard


Vintage Door Headboard. DIY Door Headboard


Vintage Door Headboard. Easy DIY Headboard


Vintage Door Headboard. Super Simple Headboard

Hope you love it! I think it completely changed the room for the better.


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    1. I actually have not! YET! I totally have been meaning to pick some up next time I run across a vendor nearby. What colors do you suggest? I can’t wait to try it out! 🙂

    1. Yes! Do it Jamie! SO EASY! It seriously took me no time to get this done! I cannot wait to see yours finished! Xo!

    1. Where did you get the framed writing that is above the bed? I saw it first in your Welcome Home article in the February/March 2017 Country Woman magazine and now here on your blog. Thank you! [email protected]

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