Framed Vintage Paper Gallery Wall

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Create this beautiful framed vintage paper gallery wall to fill in some blank space in your home. Such a simple, classic look for any style.

Framed Vintage Paper Gallery Wall

It’s funny how sometimes it’s the smaller projects I tend to overlook that are the ones you guys want to hear about the most. I actually love that, because it always reminds me that I need to share more of them!

This little framed vintage paper gallery wall, that I literally threw together in ten minutes, has become one of the most frequently asked about parts of my house.

In all honesty, it was meant to act as a temporary solution to a very bare space above our couch. However it has lasted much longer than I expected, and I’ve grown to like it there.

Framed Vintage Paper Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall Framed Old Handwritten Letters

It’s hard sometimes to figure out how to fill empty walls. But I’ve found so many unique ways to decorate with different things over the years. And this is an easy one that anyone can do.

Sometimes you just have to think outside the box, and I knew with this gallery wall I didn’t want actual photos displayed. I had some old handwritten letters from my family that I’ve been wanting to show off, because they are so pretty!

I love that they are beautiful to display and also have sentimental value too. Cursive handwriting like this is simply art.

Framed Vintage Paper Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall Framed Vintage Book Pages

I also have a million vintage books that I pulled some book pages from too. I simply overlapped them in a collage of sorts with some tape, and placed them in a few matted frames.

These displayed with the handwritten letters made for a great neutral, cheap (or even free) and easy framed vintage paper gallery wall.

Framed Vintage Paper Gallery Wall

Frames and Sizes of Gallery Wall

The frames from this gallery wall were from Target and Ikea, and they vary in sizes. You can recreate this idea with basically any frames you want! I love when people mix frame colors and textures. Wood frames with plastic frames, white and black, anything goes.

Framed Vintage Paper Gallery Wall
  • The top two large middle frames measure 19×22.5in and fit 11.5x15in photos (source: IKEA)
  • The bottom and side frames all measure 15x19in and fit 7.5×9.5 photos (source: all bottom from IKEA, sides from Target)
Framed Vintage Paper Gallery Wall
Framed Vintage Paper Gallery Wall

Other Ideas to Frame

  • Family Photos (color or black and white)
  • Printable Artwork from Etsy
  • Antique Oil Paintings or Prints
  • Vintage Envelopes
  • Kids Artwork
  • Dried Florals
Framed Vintage Paper Gallery Wall

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  1. I think another thing that makes them so visually interesting is how creatively you hung them-coming down over the board and batten. I love that!

    1. Thank you! I’ve had this gallery wall up for years, and I just recently did the board and batten so I was a little nervous with it being so high I would have issues hanging things, but it worked out okay!

  2. What size frames did you use? Are there two 11x14s in the middle, & then 5 8x10s? I really like the look of this, & the sizing looks just right for above a couch. Also, what did you use to hang your magnolia wreath? So pretty! Thanks so much!

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