Industrial Stool Nightstands

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I keep saying our guest bedroom is almost done, but for real, it is so so close! If you’ve seen pictures of it in previous posts then you’ve probably already noticed that I’ve used some metal industrial stools as the nightstands in there. Well my husband and I found these at Sam’s Club nearly a year ago on sale for only $14 a piece! I literally stood in the aisle for ten minutes staring at the price sign to make sure I was seeing it correctly. These stools usually go for $40-$60 a piece easy, so we bought four of them, even though we have no where to put them. I mean, you can’t pass up on a deal like that!


Industrial Stool Nightstands


I temporarily put them in the guest bedroom until we could find legit nightstands, but then they started to grow on me. I love love love the modern farmhouse look, and that is exactly how this room is coming together. Since I decided to keep the stools in there, I came up with an idea to somehow build a little shelf on the bottom crossbars of the stool, so I could decorate them, and so guests would have a place to set drinks or whatever else they needed at their bedside.

I wanted the shelves to have the wooden plank look, so we used 1×2 inch furring strips from Lowes. We cut them to the size we needed, stained them with Minwax wood stain in Provincial (OMG I used a different color other than Dark Walnut! Shocking right?), then attached them all together with two strips underneath and screws.


Industrial Stool Nightstands


Industrial Stool Nightstands


Industrial Stool Nightstands


The two attached bottom wood strips sit perfectly into the crossbars to give it some stability too. I wanted these to be removable and not actually attached to the stool. They turned out pretty much exactly how I pictured.




Industrial Stool Nightstands


Industrial Stool Nightstands




Industrial Stool Nightstands


Industrial Stool Nightstands


The reason I wanted them to be removable is the best part! They can also be used as trays for guests! Nothing is better than a project with dual purpose!


Industrial Stool Nightstands


So easy, so functional! What do you think of my industrial stool nightstands?

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  1. Im just finding your site as I am about to move into my first home and so eager to achieve the modern farmhouse look! Love your ideas! I have one question…do these stools seem not so sturdy on top of carpet? loving the look and functionality but wondering if they would be knocked over easily? Thank you

    1. Congrats on your first home!!! That is so so exciting! These stools are completely sturdy on carpet, and we just got new laminate floors and they work well on them too! I think if you have enough weight on them like we do, they won’t tip over! Hope this helps!

    1. Thanks! Unfortunately I don’t know the model, so sorry! We got them at Sams Club and I don’t even remember them have a tag or anything! I’ve seen similar ones at Walmart though!

  2. Love those!! This post was especially helpful because I painted a couple wooden barstools that I am using as nightstands, but wasn’t sure how to attach a shelf. I love your idea of dual purpose. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I love this! It was super simple to add that little shelf! I bet it will turn out great with your bar stools too!

  3. Hi! Would you mind sharing where you found the darling lamps….and what saying is framed above the bed? This is just beautiful! Thank you in advance!!

    1. Of course! I bought the lamps from Home Goods, and I actually still see them there and at TJ Maxx sometimes! The saying above my bed is a sign made from an awesome Etsy shop named Maebels. You should check them out! I love love love it! Thanks for the sweet comments and for stopping by!!!

      1. Thank you Ashley!! I am obsessed with Home Goods and can’t believe I haven’t seen these! I’ll keep my eyes peeled! I’m also going to check out Maebels…very excited! You’re so awesome to reply so quickly! 🙂 I’ll keep stopping by!

  4. What a great find! The stools are just awesome – love the color of the metal and the wood stain you used for the shelves is just perfect. So glad I found you via Worthing Court’s link party. Great industrial look – and multipurpose is always good! Thanks for sharing!

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