New Dining Room Jute Rug

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My dining room is probably my favorite room in our house right now, mostly because it is almost finished. Really, nothing is ever truly finished because I change things constantly, but a new rug was one of the final pieces. Last on my list are new window treatments for our bay window (a headache all on its own), and a new chandelier. But this rug…

…I have been in love with this rug for a very long time. I finally pulled the trigger and bought it around Valentines when Rugs USA was having a huge sale. Seriously. I basically stole this thing.  Unfortunately, this particular one is so popular, the size I needed (5×7’6) was on backorder so I just got it yesterday. I read all the reviews too, because I heard since it is a natural rug it smells a bit and it sheds all over the place. It did have a slight smell to it when I opened it, but it went away pretty fast. As far as the shedding, I sweep just about everyday so that wont be an issue if it does. If you are looking for rugs online, look no further than around deal times at Rugs USA, and the shipping is free too.  Can’t beat that!

I didn’t intend to write an entire blog post about this one rug, but I just love it so much! And I was beyond ready to get the red boarded rug out asap!


Jute rug




I was a bit nervous about the natural color of the jute rug on our kitchen tile, but it doesn’t match as much as these pictures show, it actually looks way better than I thought it would.


Jute Rug


Jute Rug






Jute rug


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  1. I know that you posted this in March, but I was wondering if this is the natural or gray color rug? I see you say natural but I just wanted to double check! Thank you!

  2. Hey Ashley! I’ve been looking at this rug… I’m worried about the color in our livin room… we have a wry muted grey/white living room and I’m afraid the rug might be too brown… in some pictures online it looks very brown/tan and in some, it looks a little more like a soft brown with some grey…. how would you describe the color in person? Thanks for any help you can give!

    1. Hi Katie! Ours doesn’t pull any gray tones at all. They are more tan/light brown, so if you are looking for your typical natural beige jute rug, this one is great! I have 2 of them and LOVE them! My walls are all now gray and I use a lot of pops of white, and they go very well in the room. But sounds like you might be looking for more of a gray color?

  3. Hi Ashley – I LOVE your dining room!!! The rug, the chairs, the sideboard with the shutters…so darling! I was wondering if you know the paint color on the walls? I love that too! Thanks for sharing.

  4. hi ashley,
    i am wondering where you got your very nice black chairs and what style you would describe them as?? thank you!

  5. Oh my gosh this is adorable!! Do you remember the name of the rug? I’ve been looking on rug USA all morning then ran across your blog and thought how perfect!!!

  6. It looks amazing!! Thank you SO much for sharing this with us! I have been shopping for jute rugs for the past couple weeks and after reading many reviews I was apprehensive to pull the trigger because it’s a decent investment! They just happen to have a mothers day special right now that offers 75% off!! SCORE!! 🙂 🙂

    1. Yay! I hope you did pull the trigger on this one! Its a great rug and I’m definitely going to order a few more actually!

  7. Love it! It really ties your look together. I always browse the rugs on rugs usa but never pull the trigger because I worry that if I order it and it doesn’t work, that it would be a bear to ship back due to cost and size.

    1. I was on the same page as you about buying rugs online. I made sure to read all the reviews and I know a few other bloggers who rave about this one, so I thought why not, and for $55 bucks and free shipping I was sold! Xoxo!

  8. , your dining room is soooo cute! I love the table & the hutch is so CHARMING!! Such a cute , coordinated & beautifully decorated space!


    1. Thanks so much Paige! I am a huge fan of your blog too! Your home is BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for the love! Xoxo!

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