Vintage Cedar Chest Makeover

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Remember that one time I accidentally took a little blog break that was totally unintended? Yeah, that just happened. Whoops! My days have been a huge jumbled mess and I honestly didn’t even realize it lasted that long! But, I am back on a schedule and feeling good. Back to business!

While in the process of organizing our house, I needed to find extra space for some of my husbands sweaters that don’t fit in our tiny closet. I’ve had this vintage cedar chest for years and finally decided to give it a makeover and add it to our master bedroom for extra storage. And I mean, any chance I get to bust out my sander and some paint, I’m all in!

Vintage Cedar Chest Makeover


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Vintage Cedar Chest Makeover

When it comes to painting a piece of furniture, the hardest part is always deciding on a color. People always show me a piece and ask me for suggestions, but I always tell them that it depends on the area they are planning to put it. You really have to take into consideration the colors already in that space before you decide.

I am all about balance. So since this room already has a lot of dark colors, like our bed, floor, and furniture, I chose to paint it white, with a wood top to break up the quilt from the chest. I think it worked out great in this room.Vintage Cedar Chest Makeover

Also, a lot of my painting projects are sloppy, on purpose. I don’t need a perfectly painted piece that looks flawless, it doesn’t go with my style. I like things that look naturally old, with chips and imperfections galore. So I’m a messy painter which makes for a quick project!

Vintage Cedar Chest Makeover

Vintage Cedar Chest Makeover

Vintage Cedar Chest Makeover

I love that this chest has the original tag on the inside. A true vintage piece with so much character and charm! Is there anything better!? And the best part is it is functional too. All of my husbands sweaters will have a safe place to land now.

Vintage Cedar Chest Makeover

Vintage Cedar Chest Makeover



Gotta love a project that takes no time and has a purpose. Now we have a new piece of furniture in our master bedroom, and some added storage on top! Win win in my DIY book!


vintage cedar chest makeover

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    so I never stop myself to say something about it. You’re doing a great job Man, Keep it up

  2. So pretty, Ashley! That ‘plaque-looking’ detail on the front is interesting. It looks good plain, but then I keep thinking, “Hmmm, would something look good painted on that… or some other decorative trim?” Just thinking out loud. But this looks lovely and perfect! 😉 Would love for you to link up at Homestyle Gathering! 😉

    1. I agree about that plaque in front. My son brought some great pieces of folk art back from Europe. A beautiful folk art or vintage looking flower painted on would be the piece de resistance.

  3. Yay I’m glad your back & feeling well????????????
    Luv that you didn’t paint the top. It’s Beautiful!!! Look forward to more post.
    Prayers & Blessings????????????

  4. I was just thinking to myself yesterday. Where is Ashley? Love to see your posts. The storage chest looks so great. I think the furniture that you restore always looks so good, even if you call yourself a messy painter. Hope you are feeling great and enjoying this special time in your life!

  5. It’s beautiful! I have an antique cedar chest in my garage that I’ve been desiring to refurbish. I just don’t know where to begin. This post gave me some much needed direction and inspiration! Thank you!

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