Farmhouse Pantry Organization Ideas

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Beautiful farmhouse style pantry organization ideas with functional and affordable containers and baskets. Add vintage boxes and jars for extra food storage too. 

Farmhouse Pantry Organization

My favorite project that we have done (thus far) in our builder-grade home is our farmhouse pantry makeover. So to go along with that, I’m excited to share our farmhouse pantry organization ideas for this new beautiful and functional space.

I’ve mentioned it before, but I love when you turn an unexpected space behind closed doors into something pretty. It’s a nice surprise.

Our pantry was just your typical plain white wire shelves, nothing fancy, yet relatively functional. I knew it had potential to be something more, and serve our family better.

Farmhouse Pantry Organization

After some DIY shiplap and wood shelves, I now have my pretty pantry and I absolutely love it. Since then I’ve been excited to properly update the organizational aspect of it too.

I know that this pantry will change in years to come when we have little hands reaching in for snacks. But until then this pantry makes me very happy.

Farmhouse Pantry Organization

How Our Pantry Functions

Our pantry is basically in the middle of our kitchen next to our fridge. It’s perfectly placed to be able to get in and out of easily.

We also have a lazy susan corner cabinet in our bottom cabinets next to our stove. That cabinet stores all of our canned goods, baking supplies, pasta sauces, oils, etc.

Then there is our spice cabinet that has all of our spices.

So our pantry holds all other boxed or bagged foods. In case you were wondering where all of our other food is stored that isn’t in our pantry.

Farmhouse Pantry Organization

Keeping the Clutter Out of the Pantry

Going into this project I knew that I wanted to do my best to keep our pantry clutter free. You can see how out of control the before was in our farmhouse pantry makeover post.

My goal was to eliminate as many boxes and bags as I could by using food storage containers and baskets instead. And of course mixing in some old vintage organization finds as well.

I also utilized the inside of the pantry door by hanging an adorable wooden peg rack for extra storage space.

I hung my aprons and other linens there for a quick grab when needed. And I later hung some mesh bags that I store potatoes and onions in.

Farmhouse Pantry Organization

Organizational Food Storage Containers and Baskets

I searched around for food storage containers that were affordable and functional, and that would last. I didn’t want to have to replace them after a year of two because the lids didn’t seal or something like that.

I ended up finding a lot of the plastic containers I used from The Container Store.

**Spoiler alert – I’m updating this post four years later and we still use all of these containers. They have held up wonderful and I highly recommend! Prices may have went up a little though.**

Farmhouse Pantry Organization

Cereal Storage Containers

I started with our cereal containers, because we are total cereal lovers. I found these awesome store and pour containers from The Container Store and they work perfectly for what we needed.

They are all BPA Free and close very tightly and easily. They fit an entire box of cereal with room to spare, and are easy to pour.

Farmhouse Pantry Organization
Farmhouse Pantry Organization

Protein Smoothie Supply Containers

The round galvanized metal container I found at Gordman’s last year, but unfortunately I don’t have a link for it. You could find these at pretty much any store that sells baskets and other organizational things.

I store all my protein smoothie supplies in it so it’s easy to pull down all at once. Chia seeds in the small jar, protein powder in the tall jar, and my protein and collagen peptides too.

Farmhouse Pantry Organization
Farmhouse Pantry Organization

Chip Storage Containers

I switched our bags of chips and popcorn into these plastic containers, that are the same brand as the cereal containers. They seriously make so much easier to grab a snack.

These have kept our chips fresh a lot longer. They also can fit an entire bag of chips no problem.

Farmhouse Pantry Organization
Farmhouse Pantry Organization

Baskets for Miscellaneous Box and Bagged Foods

The second shelf is full of these baskets I am smitten over. They are super functional with handles and are lightweight so they are easy to pull down.

They come in multiple sizes, mine are the medium ones.

I filled them up with all the miscellaneous boxed and bagged foods we have so they are a little bit hidden. They definitely make everything look a lot less cluttered and unorganized.

Farmhouse Pantry Organization
Farmhouse Pantry Organization

Pasta Storage Containers

Next up, pasta noodles. It’s my husbands specialty so we eat a lot of it. Six containers worth of it to be exact!

These plastic containers are the same as our chip ones, but just a smaller size. They can fit two regular sized boxes of pasta with room to spare. They’ve held up fantastic.

Farmhouse Pantry Organization
Farmhouse Pantry Organization

Miscellaneous Glass Jar Storage

Moving on to the random jars in the middle. I liked the idea of keeping all our nuts in my favorite Weck Jars (these do run a bit expensive). I put them on a wooden lazy susan for conveinance.

The larger glass jars in back are great for storing rice, crackers, oats, etc.

Farmhouse Pantry Organization
Farmhouse Pantry Organization
Farmhouse Pantry Organization

Small Wood Crates for Food Storage

Wood crates are my favorite thing to organize with, so wherever one fits I use it. This one is also from Gordman’s, but I found similar ones here.

I used it to store even more jars full of granola and coconut in the smaller jars, and graham crackers in the round OXO containers.

Farmhouse Pantry Organization
Farmhouse Pantry Organization

I also had this old vintage crate that I used to store random bottles in, such as syrup, salsas, peanut butter, etc. It works great for back stock and extras that I don’t want scattered about.

Farmhouse Pantry Organization
Farmhouse Pantry Organization

Wire Baskets for Food Storage

Same as the wooden crates, wire baskets are great ways to store overflow and back stock, and still look cute doing it. Also, throw in some granola bars and other snacks for a super easy grab and go option.

You can find wire baskets at any organization store for a great price.

Farmhouse Pantry Organization
Farmhouse Pantry Organization
Farmhouse Pantry Organization

Tips for Keeping Up on Pantry Food Storage

  • For any foods you store in jars or plastic containers, cut out the instructions or any nutritional information you may need later and store in the container for future use.
  • Use these round labels to write the expiration date on and stick it to the bottom of the container.
  • Any time you refill a container, dump the remaining contents into a bowl, wash the container, pour the new foods in, and the remaining on top to keep it fresh.
Farmhouse Pantry Organization

Whew! That was a lot. Thanks for sticking it out through this entire post. All in all, I really think the containers I did buy will be worth the investment in the long run. (UPDATE 4 years later – they were.)

Do I think everyone needs to run out and buy all new stuff for their panty? Absolutely not! Use what you have if a little makeover doesn’t fit into your budget! I’m all about that!

I did it for years with this pantry, and guess what? It worked.

Farmhouse Pantry Organization

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Farmhouse Pantry Organization

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Beautiful farmhouse style pantry organization with functional and affordable containers and baskets. Add vintage boxes and jars for extra storage too.
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  1. New subscriber here!
    Love your pantry and absolutely love your Swiffs Premium Meat wooden box! I grew up listening to old radio shows that would showcase this brand in their commercials! fun little find! 🙂
    I found your blog through Farmhouse on Boone! I love Lisa’s style and all her stuff and can’t wait to dive into yours as well!

  2. Your pantry looks great. Mine is organized using 6 different Coke crates. I also used antique granite ware containers. My pantry is not only organized but looks pleasing to the eye. I am so glad you are feeling better and up to organizing. I definitely caught the comment of “little hands”. Can’t wait for that dream to become a reality for you! ????

  3. Hi Ashley!
    Thank you for your inspiration! I love the beautiful order of your home. Melinda McCoy is teaching a design school on “Feeling Home”. I could not help bringing attention to your talents as inspiration in our private Facebook class this morning.

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