How to Organize Greeting Cards

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Ideas on how to organize greeting cards and holidays cards for safe keeping. If you like to hold on to these sentimental gifts, here are the best ways to store them!

How to organize greeting cards

I’m not sure if I am the only person who does this, but I keep all of the birthday cards, holiday cards, thank you cards, and whatever else cards that are given to me.

I can’t help it, I love cards!  So I wanted to share how to organize your greeting cards like I do!

I also have a habit of collecting blank cards, particularly the cute little ones that are nice to have on hand just in case.

How to organize greeting cards

I think cards are so special, especially when a person takes the time to write a personal note in them. 

That being said, my greeting card collection has been stuffed in random small gift bags that have just been sitting in our basement collecting dust. I have four full bags of these! Such a mess!

Organize Greeting Cards


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I shopped around to find the best way to store my card collection, and found this set of two plastic card keepers, perfect to organize greeting cards in!

They even come with six adjustable dividers so you can separate birthdays, holidays, etc.  

I thought they would be great to store and organize all of my greeting cards in, so I bought a few of them and they worked perfectly for what I needed. 

How to organize greeting cards


I added an adhesive bookplate to the front of each card keeper to be able to label what type of cards were stored in each box.

 I love how easy these ones are to use, because you just peel off the back and they stick on like a sticker. 

Organize Greeting Cards

Organize Greeting Cards

For the inside dividers, I used clear mailing labels and just printed off each type of greeting card for each section. 

For example I did a section for birthday cards for my husband, another one for myself, holiday cards, graduation, and so on. 

Organize Greeting Cards

Organize Greeting Cards


For my blank card collection, I decided to display them in this vintage locker basket I bought at an antique mall. I thought they were just too cute to tuck away in a box, and wouldn’t look bad just sitting on a shelf. 

Plus I wanted these to be easily accessible so I would be reminded to use them more often for thank you’s and just because occasions. 

Organize Greeting Cards

Organize Greeting Cards

We have a good sized bachelor chest in our spare bedroom where I decided to store all of these containers, rather than leave them in the basement. 

It’s a great piece to keep things nice and organized, and also stored away and safe. 

Organize Greeting Cards

Organize Gretting Cards

I hope this was helpful if you like to hold on to your greeting cards too!

Now I have to know, do you toss cards out or keep them?





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  1. Hi!

    I came across your blog from Pinterest. I actually have one of these containers that I store my cards in, but its to organize outgoing cards for all those occasions in the upcoming year.

    Anyways, I had a question regarding the container. Did you secure the dividers in any way? I feel as if when I’m looking for a card, the divider will slide out of its position. I thought about super gluing it, but didn’t want to make the forever commitment of not being about to switch it around in the future. Any thoughts? It might be possible that you don’t come across this since you are storing cards that your receive rather than giving.



    1. That’s actually a great idea using them for outgoing cards too! I didn’t secure mine at all and they seem to work okay. But I see what you mean with them possibly sliding out of position. Maybe if you used a few dots from a hot glue gun it would hold, that always peels off pretty well when I need to remove it. Or those Velcro strips you could attach the bottoms to. I’ll have to experiment with mine and let you know if I find anything that works!

      1. The hot glue gun is a genius idea! I will have to try that this weekend and let you know. Thanks for brainstorming with me!

  2. I forgot to mention I LOVE looking for the perfect card too! Im known to steal away and head for the card section or the local card store by the grocery store, which by the way also has fab pens to write the cards with! As for current storage situation for my cards….Ive got a few places LoL the wedding ones and a bunch of others are in one of those large zipper bags bedding comes in and a few drawers more recently when I was just quickly trying to tuck them away temporarily. One other spot I have is a cute photo box Ive tucked in all the cards my very special friend Kari has sent. Shes one of the last few like us who sends and loves cards lol

  3. Hi there! I just found your blog via Pinterest and am loving it! I have to let you know also that I too save ALL the cards I get, I even have all the ones my hubby and I received for our wedding 25 years ago! I know some would tsk tsk us, however I just cant throw them away, especially the ones which are funny, cute, sentimenal, Hallmark, non-Hallmark etc etc LoL “Someday” Ive planned to organize them and now youve inspired me! There are also Pintetest ideas to put them on the binder rings like a book I may try for some. I also LOVE giving cards and find its a lost art! I have my very own “Hallmark” store as my darling hubby has said for years and love filling up the white space (Im known to not leave much, if any white space….isnt that what Hallmark created all that white for?! People love getting them and I love letting them know how I feel. I also doodle in my own way, Im no “arTeest” LoL Will be back and look forward to trying all your ideas!

    1. Thanks so much Lisa! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who has an attachment to greeting cards!!! I just can’t bring myself to throw them out! XO!

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