How to Pick the Perfect Bed Sheets

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I think it’s safe to say that one of my top new year resolutions is to get as much sleep as possible. In six and a half short months our little miracle baby will be here and well, you know what that means! The fun begins! Until then, I figured I would make rest a priority, and be sure to get good nights of sleep while I still can.

Surprisingly, that hasn’t come so easy. Pregnancy is already preparing me for getting up at all hours of the night, which I totally knew was coming. But what I didn’t see coming was the insomnia and anxiety I have been dealing with at bedtime. Again, I am totally cool with my body being prepared, but I also know I need a better night of rest too.

So, I have been trying all kinds of new things to improve my restless nights. Deep sleep music, essential oils, no screen time before bed, reading, you get the idea. And then I decided it was time for some new bed sheets, because ours were worn and old, and maybe that small change would help me get a good night of sleep.

Guest Bedroom Vintage Refresh

I’m thrilled to be partnering with Tuesday Morning on todays post, because they couldn’t have stepped in at a more perfect time, and I’m a sucker for their store anyways!  Honestly, before I set out on my sheet shopping adventure, I didn’t know much about how to pick out good sheets at all. I was the person who just looked at the design and color of a sheet rather than its quality.

Guest Bedroom Vintage Refresh


Thankfully my friends at Tuesday Morning provided me with a very helpful cheat sheet that helped tremendously! I always assumed the higher the thread count the better the sheet, but that isn’t always true. You still have to take into consideration the type of thread you are picking too.

BAMBOO – These linens are soft as silk, durable, and allergy resistant. They are also thermo-regulating and breathable, making them perfect for any time of year

COTTON PERCALE – Percale sheets will give you a cool sleep year around. Breathable and durable, these crisp linens get softer with each wash and are an ideal choice for those in warm climates or who get hot while sleeping.

COTTON SATEEN – Buttery soft with a slight sheen, sateen sheets have a heavier finish that is perfect for those who get chilly at night. They are also wrinkle resistant, making them luxuriously hassle free.

ORGANIC COTTON – Made without harsh chemicals or dyes, organic cotton sheets provide gentle, luxurious softness that is perfect for those with allergies or sensitive skin.

EGYPTIAN COTTON – Our Egyptian cotton sheets truly set the standard for indulgence and comfort. The extra-long fibers of Egyptian cotton create a luxurious fabric that is strong, lightweight and breathable. This exceptional bedding resists pilling and gets softer with every wash.


How to pick the perfect bed sheets

The great thing about Tuesday Morning is that they have close-out deals from great brands like Peacock Alley, Charisma and Linea Casa by Sferra. When I went in to shop for my new sheets, they had a huge selection with so many different brands to choose from, but not in a overwhelming kind of way. I needed options and option is what I got.


I was drawn most to the Peacock Alley brand, in white, because I love all white linens in my house. After reading over the cheat sheet, and knowing what kind of sleepers my husband and I both are, I knew that we would love the cotton percale and the cotton sateen sheets.

We have super hot summers here in Missouri, and very cold winters, so the cotton percale would be great for hot nights, and the cotton sateen would be perfect for the cold ones. And of course I had to give them both a little feel test in the store, and you guys, they are really like butter.


So here is what I ended up picking:

  • Peacock Alley – Limited – Queen – White Sheets. 100% Supima Cotton Percale.                                                                     Tuesday Morning price $109.99 (compare estimated value at $695).
  • Peacock Alley – Closeout – Queen – White Sheets. 100% Cotton 320TC Sateen Sheets.                                                        Tuesday Morning price $69.99 (compare estimated value at $400).

Listen, I am all about a good deal, and I have a hard time spending a big chunk of money. But I knew that a good quality set of sheets would be a larger investment than the regular $19.99 sheets I had been buying. And when you compare Tuesday Mornings prices to the estimated value prices, it’s crazy the amount of money you save in the long run.

How to pick the perfect bed sheets

How to pick the perfect bed sheets

And just so you know: Yes, we tested both sets of sheets before I sat down to write this post. Yes, I can truthfully and honestly tell you that they are a GAME CHANGER. Not even kidding.

I have never been more impressed with a bed sheet in all my life, and I never knew I could be more excited about them either. But here I am, 32 years old, pregnant and could cry because I love them so much. Ha!

How to pick the perfect bed sheets

And even better, I really am sleeping better. The sheets make such a difference when I crawl into bed and they are just so soft! I feel so much more relaxed and comfortable.

How to pick the perfect bed sheets


So, if getting a better night of sleep is also on your resolutions list, or you just need a new set of sheets because yours are old, I highly suggest checking out Tuesday Mornings selection. I am so so glad I did!

This post is sponsored by Tuesday Morning. As always, all opinions are my own. 


How to Pick the Perfect Bed Sheets

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  1. it’s not easy to choose the perfect one. I am surfing many articles for taking a good decision. I have a memory foam mattress and I need a comfortable sheet for that. Thanks for sharing the valuable tips to pick the best one for me.

  2. Sheets make a lot of difference in one’s sleep. The more comfortable a sheet is, the easier it is to relax. Moreover, I have found that lighter colored sheets give refreshing and cool ambiance to a place and eventually your mood.

  3. Ashley, I also have a sheet problem because my mattress is a memory foam mattress. It is only 12 inches thick rather than 17-18 inches. I cannot find sheets for it anywhere. The mattress is relatively new so I don’t want to replace it. Do you know where I may be able to get sheets to fit? The larger sheets have to be tucked a mile under the mattress and come loose during the night, causing uncomfortable wrinkles.
    On the baby front, glad to hear you are sleeping better and continuing to pray for ALL to go well. I was also 32 when I had my son, who is an only child.

  4. Ashley a few years ago I learned much helpful information about sheets too. It’s amazing how selecting the correct ones for your situation makes a huge difference.

    Yes new mommy to be you need much rest. So exciting. Does it seem to be going by quickly for your little one to arrive?


    1. I learned too late! Haha! But now I know better and how much of a difference a good sheet makes! And YES, pregnancy is flying by! I’m already in my second trimester which is crazy, but hoping to start feeling better this stretch!

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