A Simple DIY Faux Flower Arrangement

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Create a simple DIY faux flower arrangement in less than five minutes. All you need are some of your favorite stems, wire cutters, dry foam, and a pretty vase.

A Simple Faux Flower Arrangement

My favorite part about each new coming season here on the blog is planning fresh content, and seeing how I can tweak my style with something different. This summer I am going to try out some designs I typically wouldn’t. It makes me so excited to see how it all goes.

I think I’ve found the inspiration for how I want my house to look this summer, and it all came from a DIY faux flower arrangement I made!

You should all know by now I have a black thumb and can’t even keep a succulent alive. But, I will have you know, I am working on changing that! And I am having some success!

So when I do find faux stems that I actually love, I always bring them home. And this time I decided to make the simplest little arrangement with them for summer.

A Simple Faux Flower Arrangement

Supplies Needed for DIY Faux Flower Arrangement

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A Simple Faux Flower Arrangement

Instructions for Making DIY Faux Flower Arrangement

  • Fill the bottom of your vase with the dry foam pieces
  • Using wire cutters, snip the faux flower stems to the length needed
  • Insert stems into the dry foam pieces and arrange as you want them
A Simple Faux Flower Arrangement
A Simple Faux Flower Arrangement

That’s it! Now you have a new DIY faux flower arrangement in less than five minutes! I love projects like this one because you can easily customize it exactly how you want it.

Pick the vase, any size, and your favorite stems! Mix in a bunch of different greenery and flowers for an even more beautiful display.

A Simple Faux Flower Arrangement
A Simple Faux Flower Arrangement

How to Style Faux Flower Arrangements in Your Home

I am always buying any affordable kind of faux flower or greenery arrangement that goes with my style for our home. They are great to style in any room! Here are a few spots I like to add them.

  • Styled on your coffee table in a grouping of decor accents
  • Set on your end tables or nightstands
  • Displayed on shelves with some books
  • Add to your bathroom vanity
  • Set out on the kitchen island or countertops
  • Set on an office desk
A Simple Faux Flower Arrangement

I truly believe adding in some flowers and greenery to a space does wonders bringing the room alive, adding in natural elements, and just giving a pop of life. It’s an element of decorating I will forever add to my rooms.

A Simple Faux Flower Arrangement

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DIY Faux Flower Arrangement
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  1. I’m out of town this week for a flea market but had to write and say….I love your little flower arrangement! I saw your little belly and feet on instagram. You looked so precious and I can’t wait till the babe is here.

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