Wooden Drill Bit Flower Holder

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Create this wooden drill bit flower holder with just a few supplies and steps! An easy DIY anyone can do!

Wooden Drill Bit Flower Holder

I’ve been blogging for close to four years now! I have to say that one of my favorite things has been the friendships I’ve made with like-minded creatives.

It’s such a supportive and encouraging community to be a part of. I just love seeing all my blogging friends grow and get to experience opportunities they probably have never even dreamed of.

Opportunities like working with awesome brands, being featured in magazines, and even writing a book!

My sweet friend Jamie from So Much Better with Age is such a talent. I met her 3 years ago at a blogging conference and she is the kindest soul.

Well just this week she launched her very own book, and I couldn’t be more thrilled for her! The book is called French Vintage Decor, and it is full of French inspired DIY projects that anyone can do. They are so creative and fun, and I know you guys would love them!

In celebration of her beautiful new book, and her creatively too, I wanted to give one of her projects a try! So I picked this awesome DIY Wooden Drill Bit Flower Holder, and I hope you love it.

Supplies Needed for DIY Wooden Drill Bit Flower Holder

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Wooden Drill Bit Flower Holder

Instructions For DIY Wooden Drill Bit Flower Holder

  • Start by drawing a line down the center of your board. Make 6 marks about 2 inches apart on your line. The first and last mark will be just 1 inch from end of board.
Wooden Drill Bit Flower Holder
  • Using your drill and 5/16 drill bit, drill a hole on each mark you made. I went all the way down to nearly the end of the drill bit.
Wooden Drill Bit Flower Holder
Wooden Drill Bit Flower Holder
  • Using your sander, sand the entire piece of wood, making sure to smooth out any splintered wood from the drill.
  • Apply the wood stain to the wood and let dry completely. After mine was dry, I ran over it again with the sander to give a touch of a weathered look.
  • Lastly, add flowers to each drill hole.
Wooden Drill Bit Flower Holder

I absolutely love how simple this project is. And it is totally customizable.

You can paint the wood instead of stain it, and you can add anything to the drill holes you want. I even thought smaller taper candles would look great!

Wooden Drill Bit Flower Holder

Jamie really did a great job throughout her book to make all of the projects featured super easy! They come with a material list and step by step instructions with pictures. You can’t fail!

Wooden Drill Bit Flower Holder
Wooden Drill Bit Flower Holder
Wooden Drill Bit Flower Holder

If you are interested in grabbing a copy of Jamies book French Vintage Decor, you can get it HERE.

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DIY Wooden Drill Bit Flower Holder


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  1. This diy is fantastic! Great for a mantle or side table for sure! I wonder how long fresh flowers would last in here? Or if you can make any modifications so fresh flowers can be used?

  2. I really love this home improvement model, I have this kind of flower model but I was thinking it would be difficult to set up this. after seeing your clear-cut explanation I really like this simple thing. Amazing idea thanks for sharing

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