DIY Wooden Serving Tray

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Make this super easy DIY wooden serving tray for decor or entertaining. It’s a great addition for any style or space, and is completely customizable.

DIY Striped Farmhouse Tray.

Do you ever grab something random from a store that you think you’ll need one day? Maybe it’s a piece of decor, or maybe just a building material that might come in handy for a project.

My basement is full of these impulse buys. And honestly, I do end up using the majority of them eventually. This DIY wooden serving tray came from one of those spur of the moment purchases.

I grabbed this round wood piece from our local hardware store on a total whim. I knew I could turn it into a project of some sort. And that’s just what I did.

DIY Striped Farmhouse Tray.

Supplies Needed for DIY Wooden Serving Tray

Directions to Make DIY Wooden Serving Tray

  1. Start by staining the piece of raw round wood with your choice of wood stain, and letting it dry completely.
DIY Striped Farmhouse Tray.
DIY Striped Farmhouse Tray.
  1. Once the wood is dry, tape off the stripes (or whatever pattern you’d like) with painters tape, then paint the wood that is still visible.
DIY Striped Farmhouse Tray.
DIY Striped Farmhouse Tray.
  1. After the paint is dry, gently peel off the painters tape to expose the painted stripes on the wood.
DIY Striped Farmhouse Tray.
  1. Next, to give the piece a weathered look, sand down the entire top of the piece of wood. Use a damp cloth after to wipe off any dust.
DIY Striped Farmhouse Tray.
  1. Apply a topcoat or wax to protect your paint, let dry completely.
DIY Striped Farmhouse Tray.
  1. Lastly, attach the two handles onto the piece of wood using a screwdriver or drill.
DIY Striped Farmhouse Tray.

Ways to Use a Serving Tray

  • To serve breakfast in bed
  • To serve drinks with friends
  • To serve appetizers at a party
  • Set it on a coffee table for decor with a vase of flowers
  • Set it at the end of the bed with other decor
  • Use it as a table centerpiece
DIY Striped Farmhouse Tray.

Customize the Serving Tray However You’d Like

What I love about this type of project is that you can design this tray however you’d like. You can make it fit any type of design style, paint or stain it any color, and add whatever handles suit your taste.

Get as creative as you want. There is no wrong way to do it.

DIY Striped Farmhouse Tray.
DIY Striped Farmhouse Tray.

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DIY Wooden Serving Tray
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  1. Love this! Thanks so much for sharing!

    I am having trouble finding handles that you can attach by drilling in the front. May I ask where you purchased your handles?

  2. My wife saw your tray and went nuts. I’m a wood worker so her first question was “ can you make one of these” anyone that’s worked with wood knows it hard to cut a circle.
    Well, I figured out how to do this and I happened to have some wide rough sawed white oak. I spent all weekend in the shop making these ( 15 in three different sizes ) for the entire family. Thanks for the great idea

    1. Well Paul, you just made my whole day! Thank you so much for sharing! I love love love that you made these for your family, what a special gift!

  3. Ashley, I love how this tray came out. When I first glanced at it, (on Bloglovin), I didn’t even realize it was painted because it looks like slabs of wood pieced together. What a great job you did!

  4. I know that depending on the wood, that color won’t always be the same but what color of stain did you use? I am wanting to go lighter on my bedroom furniture.

  5. Love how the tray turned out… cute!! Would love to make one for myself…. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  6. Where did you get the round wood? I’ve checked Lowes and Home Depot and neither have a smaller piece of round wood.

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