Bedroom Mini Makeover at my In-Laws

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A quick bedroom mini makeover anyone can implement in their home. Shop your own home for a whole new look!

Recently we packed our bags and went to stay at my in-laws in the country for a week.

My husband is from a small town in Southern Illinois, so we like to plan little getaways there from time to time and visit family. And let’s be honest, a change of scenery is sometimes much needed!

While I was there, I did something fun and gave the guest bedroom that we stay in a mini makeover! Nothing crazy, but still a good change for the space.

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw the entire transformation from start to finish in my stories. I thought I would share it here too!

Bedroom Mini Makeover Before

Naturally, I forgot to take some good before pictures, so above are some screenshots I grabbed from my Instagram Stories.

My sweet mother-in-law gave me full permission to do whatever I wanted, and I took advantage. I also told her she couldn’t see the space until I was done. So it was a fun reveal!

Bedroom Mini Makeover Plans

Their home is styled very country farmhouse, so I wanted to keep with that theme. I have a ton of decor I am getting ready to purge, so instead of buying a bunch of new things, I pulled some of it to do this makeover.

Mini Makeover Plans

  • Paint the walls gray, see ya later yellow!
  • DIY a simple headboard
  • Change bedding
  • Hang different curtains
  • Chippy window gallery wall
  • Bring in farmhouse decor

Bedroom Mini Makeover After

Bedroom Mini Makeover at My In-Laws House

I used leftover gray paint I had from painting our living/dining/kitchen area. It’s called Dolphin Fin by Behr, and I love how it instantly brightened up the room.

Bedroom Mini Makeover at My In-Laws House

I grabbed an extra white quilt we had that came with shams, and a beautiful vintage quilt as well for a pop of color.

The cozy white throw pillows I did run out and grab from Walmart, and I think they work perfect with the bedding.

Bedroom Mini Makeover at My In-Laws House

My husband helped me build this quick and simple DIY wood headboard out of some 1×6’s we grabbed at the local hardware store.

Seriously the easiest project ever, and look at what a difference it makes!

Bedroom Mini Makeover at My In-Laws House

I had a bunch of chippy white window frames and picture frames I hung in a little gallery wall.

Also I replaced the curtains with some white Ikea curtains I had, and hung them higher and wider on the wall to make the window look bigger.

Bedroom Mini Makeover at My In-Laws House

When we do come out and stay a weekend or longer, we obviously have Bailey sleeping in this room with us.

There’s a cream rocker in the corner by the window, and not pictured is a beautiful white Jenny Lind bed on the wall to the right when you walk in.

Bedroom Mini Makeover at My In-Laws House

One other thing I grabbed while at Walmart was this black lamp to replace the small one that was in there.

I added just a few farmhouse decor items to the cute side table that was already in the room as well.

Bedroom Mini Makeover at My In-Laws House

What do you think!? I love how it all turned out, and I love that I got to do this for my mother-in-law.

She is such a wonderful woman who takes care of everyone around her, so it was nice to do a little tiny something special to repay her for all she does!

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  1. You did a lovely makeover for your mother-in-law. What a difference paint, curtains, and a few accessories make.

  2. First of all I have the absolute best daughter-in-law! The room turned out beautiful. I couldn’t believe how much bigger it looked when she was done. So bright and airy. I can’t wait for the next room she wants to work on.

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