Beautiful and Affordable Kitchen Finds

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Check out these beautiful and affordable kitchen finds from the new line Figment at Target! So many unique and colorful pieces to add to your kitchen design.

Beautiful and Affordable Kitchen Finds

There is something special about opening up a cabinet or drawer and finding a layout of beautiful things. Especially when that extra touch of beauty is added to simple mundane items such as kitchen utensils and gadgets.

I love finding aesthetically pleasing everyday essentials. It makes me happy, and it makes tasks that might not seem fun a bit more enjoyable. But maybe that’s just me!?

When I saw that Target released this new line called Figmint, I instantly fell in love. The pieces are beautiful, simple, and they offer the prettiest colors and finishes.

Beautiful and affordable kitchen finds are rare. And when you add functional and affordable to it, wins all around!

Shop These Beautiful and Affordable Kitchen Finds

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Beautiful and Affordable Kitchen Finds
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  1. Wow, Ashley! Your kitchen finds from the Figmint collection are a perfect blend of beauty and functionality. It’s incredible how these simple, everyday essentials can bring so much joy and style to daily tasks. The variety of items, from the Rubberwood Carving Board to the Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scoop, showcase both affordability and elegance. It’s evident that you have an eye for tasteful and practical pieces that elevate the kitchen experience. Thanks for sharing these gems—I’m inspired to add a touch of Figmint magic to my kitchen now!

  2. So nice to hear from you
    And YES that line is 110% you !!

    ‘Big sis was at school‘. Still blows my mind 😍😍

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