New Dining Room Chairs

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Update any dining room with new chairs for a fresh look. Check out why we replaced our old, worn dining room chairs with new metal ones. 

New Dining Room Chairs

You know when your car breaks down and you have to sink a few hundred bucks into it? There is nothing worse than spending money on something unwanted and unexpected.

This is actually what happened with our old dining room chairs. They broke down.

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New Antique Dining Room Hutch

I absolutely loved our old windsor back dining room chairs. We had them for so many years, and the style was exactly what I wanted.

But they started to get really wobbly, so I knew it was unfortunately time to find their replacements. 

New Dining Room Chairs

Lately, when I go to purchase home related things I am taking quality into consideration more. There have been a lot of purchases I’ve made in the past that I find myself needing to replace because they just weren’t made well.

I will say, those windsor back chairs held up for a long time. I definitely don’t regret buying them.

We just tend to use our chairs a lot for random things aside from dining. Such as, you know, stools and whatnot…

New Dining Room Chairs

Instead of going with another wood chair that could potentially wear out like these did, I wanted to try out metal ones. So that is what I bought!

New Dining Room Chairs

These cross back black metal chairs are stunning! I honestly wasn’t expecting them to be so beautiful. I also didn’t expect that they would be as comfortable as they are. 

That said, I am still considering getting some cushions for them anyways because I think that they would add some character. 

New Dining Room Chairs

I will admit though, I still love the windsor back look better. However, I am happy with how sturdy and pretty these ones are. I know they are a better fit functionally for this room.

Sometimes you just have to go with your gut and a little reasoning, and make the smarter decision.

New Dining Room Chairs

New Dining Room Chairs

New Dining Room Chairs

What do you think of these?

Have you ever had to replace something you loved with something a little less of what you wanted?

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  1. I love your dining area. Every detail is very pretty. I love the shutters, hutch, table, chairs…. Everything is cute!

  2. I really had to look hard to realize these chairs were metal. They look great and are quite similar to your Windsors. Great choice!

  3. Hi, I really like your black metal dining room chairs. To me, they are a touch of French cafe’ style, and I love anything French! I also really like your shutters on the wall! I wish I could find some like that!

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