Magnolia Home Paint Review

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And the painting continues! But friends, this time you are in for a real treat! I am busting out the real deal Joanna Gaines, Fixer-Upper style, farmhouse goodness that is Magnolia Home Paint by Kilz! And I am here to share all the details! Heart eyes commence!

We have been in our house for over five years now and I am still repainting all the mistakes I made in year one. Or maybe we will call them lessons learned, that sounds much better! Like, maybe don’t just grab the first color you find that has a cute name like Cape Cod Gray and call it a day (enter my former dark and gloomy office). Don’t get me wrong, the color was beautiful, but it was so dark.  I also tend to gravitate towards dark wooden pieces of furniture, so add those two together and you get too many heavy colors for one little spot.

Now I am going back through these rooms and really focusing on the balance of light and dark. My former office just got made over into another guest bedroom, all thanks to an old antique bed I found that I had to have! Because obviously it’s normal to make over an entire due to one $35 garage sale find. Right? But first I needed to brighten up the walls so my beautiful new (very old) bed would pop! So I decided on white. I have never, ever in my life painted a wall white. But I am so incredibly glad I did!


Magnolia Paint Review


Magnolia Paint Review


See what I mean? Just too gloomy! But you guys….that bed though!!!! Okay, so after I decided on white for this space I headed to check out the Magnolia Market website to see which colors I wanted to use. We also decided to add board and batten to a third of the back wall, so I needed paint for that as well.

I chose Shiplap in eggshell for the walls, and True White in satin for the board and batten. I knew the true white would better match the trim already in the room, and really make that board and batten pop with a bright white. Shiplap seems to be more of a creamy white, with a slightly darker tone to it that I thought it would offset the trim and board and batten color nicely.


Magnolia Paint Review


Magnolia Paint Review


Magnolia Paint Review


In all honesty, I could write an entire review on just the paint can packaging alone, it’s that gorgeous! But let me tell you, I am a new fan of this Magnolia Home Paint line by Kilz because it is just a great product! And if you haven’t noticed here on the blog, I have been doing a lot of painting lately!

This paint went on so so smoothly, it gave such a solid finish and is just BEAUTIFUL on my guest bedroom walls. I did have to use two coats because I was painting over such a dark space, but if it were lighter I think one coat would have been more than enough. I love the weathered white look of Shiplap. It pairs perfectly with the dark woods and vintage patinas I have going on in this space. And my antique bed really pops against True White. So basically, I am in love. Shocker right?


Magnolia Paint Review


Magnolia Paint Review


Like the sneak peek of my Vintage Guest Bedroom Makeover!?

Stay tuned because I am sharing the reveal soon!

And if you also want to fall in love with some Magnolia Home Paint, you can find a store HERE!

A huge thanks to the KILZ Brand for supplying me with the Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines™ Paint used for this post. Just remember, all opinions and reviews are 100% my own. As always.

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  1. I tried her spray paint today for first time (rainy day). Love the color but unable to finish project because bof clogged sprayer. So disappointed!! We just did a renovation to our house and I found this beautiful coffee table at the flea market. Now its about 1/3 painted and has drips and splatters all over it. Not to mention everything around it, including me.

  2. I’m so disappointed in the semi gloss wall trim paint that I will never purchase another product.
    Granted I live in a 100+ home but have never had the problem with other paints not to mention the expense. It streaks like crazy!!!!! Who wants to put 2 coats on an already painted white woodwork. I finished the can and used in places that don’t stand out that much.

    Lots of work

  3. I love this paint! Retired after 45 years of institutional cooking. I had to keep busy so I have been painting for other people on the side. The colors are true to the paint chips and my clients are happy. The paint gives a more updated look and covers all the imperfections. I have done several rooms including my own house and have to give Magnolia paints 10 out of 10 stars! Looking forward to trying more colors to make houses beautiful.

  4. Just had the pleasure/displeasure of using Magnolia Home paint. Yes I loved the color and the ease of the paint. I did a dresser in my barn where I paint a lot of furniture with other brands of chalk paint. They advertise low VOC and it is a kilz product. After applying two coats to my dresser I ended up with the spins. Terribly dizzy for days. Kilz has always bothered me, maybe I’m just too sensitive. I won’t be using this paint again.

  5. Ashley! Thanks for your sharingI love this! We need to head your way soon! Your home is soooo beautiful! Can’t wait to see in person! And why don’t you head on over to my house, I have lots of projects to do! Love you!

  6. I just got a free sample size yesterday of Magnolia Home paint so I can’t give a full review since I’ve yet to try it on my project.

    Howevvvvvvverrrrrr……. I was disappointed to find that you can ONLY get this paint in her colors!!! You cannot have any other color from another brand (say Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, etc.) mixed into her paint. Now I find that rather disappointing because if I did like her paint but was set on another color from another brand, I’m out of luck.

    Sure Magnolia Homes has some beautiful colors but I was hoping to try her paint (to see how it worked) but using a color of my own choice (in this case I was hoping to color match an Annie Sloan color).

    If sticking to the selection of paints she’s got is OK for your project, then this isn’t an issue ???? But if you’ve got hopes of color matching to any other brand….that’s a “no go”.

  7. Ashley! I love love this! We need to head your way soon! Your home is soooo beautiful! Can’t wait to see in person! And why don’t you head on over to my house, I have lots of projects to do! Love you! Xo

  8. Looks sooo pretty and so much brighter!! Excited to hear it is such a good paint option. I am sort of annoyed by how my paint brand choices have not worked out as nicely as they seem to with everyone else!!

  9. Such a great re-design. I especially love the details in the last two pictures! No detail goes unnoticed on your watch!

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