Neutral Vintage Guest Bedroom

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Finally. My former office has now officially transformed into a beautiful Neutral Vintage Guest Bedroom. If you caught my post from Tuesday, you know I did this room makeover all because of an old antique bed I found that I couldn’t pass up. Well, I bought that bed last summer, so it’s been sitting in our basement for over a year now collecting dust! It made me so sad. So out went the office and in came the bed! Now mind you, a blogger probably needs an office space, so giving that up was a tough call. But sometimes beauty wins over functionality right? And in this case, I found a way to make it all work.

This room was a challenge for me. I’m kind of in a weird place with my decorating and I’m being pulled in a few different directions lately. I think my style is changing a little bit, but I still want to stick to the farmhouse vibes. I tend to gravitate towards anything old with a beautiful patina, whether that be aged metal, chipped paint, or weathered wood. I love antique, vintage pieces. I love dark and I love bright. I tried my best to mix it all together in this room, and I’m really happy with how it turned out.




I knew this room was going to have a ton of dark wood tones, so I wanted to paint the walls a color that would make the furniture pop. I used Magnolia Home Paint by Kilz in Shiplap for the walls and True White for the board and batten.  I have never painted a wall white in my entire life, so I was nervous I wouldn’t like it.  But I am so glad I did, because it just balances out the room so well.






I have completely fallen in love with old black and white photos. Especially these panoramic group photos. My husband and basically everyone else in my family thinks they are so creepy, but I think they are art!





You may remember this dresser and how it’s been made over about four times now. It was my great aunts, and I just love it so much and will never be able to part with it. I finally just stripped it down and brought it back to its original state. I love it, but I really really struggled about if I should paint it again or not. I think for now it brings a nice vintage oak color to the mix that I wouldn’t normally use. What do you think?







I loved adding these shelves so I can pretty much max out this room with some of my favorite flea market and antique shop finds. Every time I walk into this room now I want to burst out singing Julie Andrews “My Favorite Things“… do you blame me!?









So, how’d I do?

Like I said, I might still make some tweaks, but for now I am just loving this space. And that old vintage desk or vanity, whatever it is, makes for the perfect spot to write a blog post, just like this one.


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  1. Hi,
    I have 2 bed frames similar to yours. Mine are twin. What size is yours?
    Does this bed only have the mattress? How does the mattress stay up? A piece of plywood I’m assuming or wood slats.
    Girl from Texas 😉

    1. Its a twin! And we did just end up using the mattress without the boxspring. We added boards across the bottom to hold it 🙂

  2. Hi Ashley,
    This is beautiful! The room feels warm and welcoming! It is the perfect guest room. Love it!
    Thank you for sharing your neutral vintage guest bedroom 🙂

  3. Hey!!! I love this room. So I’m considering putting the shiplap color up in most of our main floor. I, too, am painting over dark grey so I can’t get a feel for the color in my space because it just looks stark white compared to the dark grey when I put a sample up. What do you think?? I want a creamy neutral that’s mostly white ish … But I want it to also look different from the trim and pop a little. Is it clearly different from the true white color in real life or do they look the same?? In pics it looks like they’re the same color. Haha. Would love feedback!! This room is beautiful! Thanks!!!!

  4. Love the bedding, ticking etc! Could you please tell me where the bedding is from?
    With appreciation,

  5. Who knew a white room could feel so homey and warm?! That’s why I can’t decorate myself. ; ) There is so much texture and I love the little metal accents with the accessories and night stand. I juat adore this room!

  6. It’s all in the details! Love all your decor accessories, dominoes, pictures, lunchbox, clocks….love, love, love.

  7. I really like this! The mixture of colors and textures is perfect and I find all of your finds delightful, especially the group class photos. I’ve actually got my parents’ senior high school class photo and think I will frame it after seeing yours. Thanks for sharing.

  8. It’s a beautiful room! I’m right there with you on loving the vintage photographs! And I’m also loving all the wood tones! And the typewriter, and the bedding…’s all just perfect!

  9. OH MY!!!!!! Ashley, you knocked this out of the park friend. It is so gorgeous! I love all these little vintage details, that bed, the color scheme. I just love it all!! Scrolling back through to pin.

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