25 Farmhouse Style Fall Pillows

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This past Sunday here in Missouri was the perfect fall day. It was rainy, and gloomy, and cold, and the trees were showing off their most vibrant oranges and yellows. I snuggled up on the couch and watched scary shows, we made chicken tortilla soup for dinner, and we didn’t work on the house at all like our normal Sundays typically go. My house was messy and my to-do list was long, but I didn’t care. Sometimes you just need a day to do nothing, and yesterday certainly was that day.

Fall Home Tour 2017


As bloggers we tend to rush through the holidays a little quicker than normal people do. Since our job is to inspire you ahead of the holiday, we start decorating weeks in advance. Every year when I know I should move onto Christmas, I grab onto to Fall and hold tight, because I just love it so much. Thankfully we aren’t there just yet, so I wanted to share some pillows I have been loving for this fall season.

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I love to bring in dark, moody colors this time of year. They go so well with the lovely fall foliage that is in its best state in late October and early November. So if you are like me, hold on to this season tight, and get some cute pillows while you are at it!


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Farmhouse Style Fall Pillows




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  1. I love your pillow suggestions. I feel the same way – I know I should be concentrating on Christmas but I want to hold onto every ounce of lovely fall while I can. I truly love every season! Enjoy your weekend!

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