January Favorites

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January. One month already in the books for the new year. I really do wish time would slow down! It’s been a month of ups and downs already, but I still have so much faith that two-thousand and seventeen will be a great one. One of my goals for this year is to get a little more personal with you on the blog, so I thought taking time each month to share some favorites of mine would be a good start. I’m going to really play around with these, share some of the things I take screenshots of that I love, maybe start taking my camera around with me and sharing some candid shots that I take here and there, favorite products or blog posts I find. A little of this, a little of that. So we’ll see how it goes.

Here are my favorites for the month of January. This post contains some affiliate links for your shopping convenience.


January Favorites

Most Lovely Things

Favorite Instagram + Blog.

I have followed Annie from Most Lovely Things for so long, even before I started my own blog. I don’t remember exactly how I found her, but I was so drawn in by the beauty of everyday life she captures in her photos. It could be as simple as a lovely building, or table setting like the one above. Her porch is my absolute favorite.

Favorite Song.

I cannot stop listening to Love on the Weekend by John Mayer. It makes me want to turn it on, pour a glass of wine, and cook dinner on a Friday night spent at home. Now that is my ideal start to the weekend. Ending with Dateline in bed, of course.


January Favorites


Favorite Book.

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. This book is a game changer when it comes to getting your mind right to live a life of creativity. Must read.

Favorite on Netflix.

A documentary called Minimalism.


January Favorites


Favorite Candles.

My newest obsession are these handcrafted soy candles by Ful Candles.  So far my favorite scents are Pumpkin + Clove and Sugar + Spice. They come in cute little jars (and we all know how much a love little jars ;)), and they smell up your entire house with pure goodness.

Favorite Bag.

I am in love with this bag from Madewell. I’m definitely going to need it at some point…

Favorite Show.

I know that all of you are watching This is Us, right? I was completely heartbroken when Parenthood ended, but this show has taken its place. It is so so good!


January Favorites

Lil Luna

Favorite Recipe.

The other day I got the itch to bake something but didn’t feel like going to the grocery store (story of my life). Like any other person I jumped on Pinterest to try and fine something to make with the ingredients I already had, and I found a DELICIOUS recipe for this Quick and Easy Coffee Cake. Made it, and loved it!


January Favorites


Favorite Magazine.

This might be a shameless plug, but Cozy Up Your Bedroom on the cover is MY bedroom! Our Farmhouse Guest Bedroom was featured in the February/March issue of County Woman! It’s out now if you see it and want to take a look!

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  1. I love the concept of this post and can’t wait to read your monthly faves. YAY for a magazine feature!!!!

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