My 2017 Word of the Year

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I may be a few days late to the party, but I hope you all had the best time celebrating this new year we are now in! I really look forward to January because it means a fresh start and new resolutions to commit to. There is something so exciting and refreshing to me about sitting down, reflecting on the last three hundred and sixty five days and looking forward to the next three hundred and sixty five days. A blank slate full of goals for your personal life, as well as your business life.


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I have spent the last week or so really trying to set myself up to be successful in all that I want to achieve this coming year. December really kicked my booty, so I took a few days off to plan ahead and get a jump on some things I knew were essential for me to stay focused. There are so many different ways I keep myself motivated, and I will be sharing those with you soon! But first I wanted to figure out what I needed to turn my attention to most in the new year ahead.


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When I was trying to think of my 2017 Word of the Year, something I really wanted to focus on, I kept coming back to the word consistency. To be consistent means “a person, behavior, or process unchanging in achievement or effect over a period of time.” I’m not gonna lie to you, most days I am  a hott mess. I am organized, sometimes. I get on a roll with blogging, sometimes. I workout and eat healthy, sometimes. You get the picture. I want to create long term good habits, instead of only temporary ones. I want to keep at them until they become routine and almost scheduled. Most of my goals require consistently, so that is what I will be working on this year! And hey, if it works the way I hope it does, you’ll be seeing me more and more!


Vintage Home Office


Do you have a Word of the Year you will be focusing on in 2017? I would LOVE to hear all about it!


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  1. My word for the year is HOPE. A little word that holds much promise, lightens our load, and encourages. It motivates me to take action and work towards some of my hopes. 🙂 Happy 2017!

  2. This is a great word and something I absolutely need to work on too! My word this year is calm, but of course I’m gonna have to be consistent with my plan if I’m gonna make headway on that one 🙂

  3. I hadn’t really thought about a word of the year but I think it would be “do” just because I tend to overthink things and want them to be perfect when I should really just being doing stuff and getting it out there. That’s a pretty lame New Years word but there ya go! ????I love your word of the year!

    1. Not lame at all!!! I am in the same boat! Too much planning, I just need to “do” too 🙂 It’s a great word!

  4. My word for this year is Serve. I’m planning on making angel gowns for some local hospitals. I also want to give my time as well as “stuff” to local charities. Serving God will be a top priority as well.

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