Home Projects and Goals for 2021

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I’m sharing all our house projects and goals for the upcoming year! See the detailed list of what we hope to accomplish!

New Vintage Style Living Room Rug

Hey there my friends! It’s been a minute, hasn’t it?! I took some time after the holidays to hit the pause button and kind of decompress and refocus. Last year was rough, and the extra time away to regroup was necessary!

But then the pause button must have got stuck or something, because it ended up being a much longer break than I anticipated! So I’m thrilled to be refreshed and back at it!

If 2020 taught me anything, it was that home really is an important place to invest in. We’ve all probably spent more time in the places we live than we ever thought possible, and I for one am glad that I’ve made mine a place I love to be.

Guest Bedroom Office Nook

With that being said, I’m taking on this new year with a different perspective and some different goals. This year I want to focus on getting rid of the clutter, and making every space functional and intentional.

Also, I want to do a ton of house maintenance that I’ve been putting off.

I’ve mentioned it before, but my design style also has been slowly shifting. I still can’t put my finger on where it’s headed, but I’m just kind of going with it and not rushing it.

Guest Bedroom Office Nook

I have a lot of great home decor pieces that I’ll be selling, donating, or just trying to re-home with family and friends.

That’s the great thing about home design. Just because a piece has fulfilled it’s purpose in my home, doesn’t mean it won’t bring someone else joy in theirs.

So here is my list of house projects and goals I hope to accomplish this year!

Recent Antique Finds

The Entire House

  • Mass purge everything we don’t need, use, want.
  • Sell/donate/re-home decor.
  • Patch nail holes/touch up paint.
  • Re-caulk windows.
  • Repaint all trim and baseboards.
  • Organize every nook and cranny.
  • Make sure everything has a place, is functional, and intentional.
  • No unnecessary clutter.
The Best Cleaning Products and Supplies

Room Updates and Makeovers

  • Living room refresh – redecorate, change side tables and coffee table (looking for old ones I can restore).
  • Laundry room makeover – paint, add wall molding, new light fixture, DIY custom shelves.
  • Bailey’s room refresh – new rug, update decor, more toy storage.
  • Closet updates – DIY custom shelving.
  • Hallway makeover – add runner, possible ceiling treatment, photo gallery.
How to Create a Cozy Fall Patio

Outside Goals

  • Build raised garden beds in the backyard – learn how to keep plants alive!
  • Patio refresh.
  • Mailbox makeover.
  • More landscaping and curb appeal.

Dream Projects

Obviously these projects are ones that will trickle into the next few years, budget willing and if we still live here (this is not our forever home).

Until then, I’ll be saving all my pennies.

  • Kitchen updates – new quartz countertops, install backsplash, new sink and faucet. (Which I’m sure would eventually lead me to want to paint the cabinets…)
  • Bathroom updates – replace vanities, new floor tile, change light fixtures.
  • Garage makeover – seal floor, finish drywall, create more functional workspace.
  • Fence and deck.
  • Finish basement.
Cozy Vintage Master Bedroom Makeover

Miscellaneous Goals

  • Redecorating to better fit my current style.
  • Lots and lots of easy, affordable DIY projects.
  • Room makeovers for family and friends.
  • Less unintentional buying.
  • Better quality – but budget friendly decor.

There you have it. My list of home projects and goals for the new year! I can’t wait to share them all with you along the way!

Now I would love to hear your house goals and projects for the year! Share in the comments!

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  1. I am struck by how you instinctively know how to edit a space. I cannot imagine what you would have to declutter. It all appears perfectly appointed.
    My decorating style is also shifting. I used to be crazy about farmhouse. But I am growing tired of it. Same thing happened before I even finished my coastal look. Now I see sand dollars, beach signs, ocean paintings, carved wood birds with nautical colors and shake my head.

  2. Wow, that’s a big agenda for sure!
    I’m an avid gardener.
    While you didn’t ask for advise on how to keep your plants alive, I’ll give you a few tips that over the years has made mne and my mother’s gardens happy ones.

    1. Gardens are timed entities, make sure you keep a calendar log of when particular plants either need propagating, when to plant, what there growing season is and mostly when to feed and not to feed

    *make sure for your area, what plants are hardy and will truly thrive in your weather conditions

    2. Always time daily watering at the same time, plants like that

    3. Check your plants for what type of soil they like. If the same plants that like the same soil Ph balance are in the same box, they’ll do well ( it is a science after all)

    4. Some plants like loam and sand while others need bone meal. Others like Rhodo’s, Azaleas, Hydrangeas are acid loving and like peat moss mixed into their soils.

    5. Fruits and veggies each have their own chemistry. Be sure to look up specifically how to balance their soils so you get the most crop for your buck.

    * careful planning will give you an abundant crop

    * keep shade plants in the shade and sun plants definitely want their sun
    so make the beds according to the plants needs. Raised beds are a great way to focus plantings.
    Make sure they are “distanced” enough away from each other to avoid crowding

    * Last tip:

    There are certain plants that the bunnies, moles, chipmunks, birds and bugs like to eat holes into.
    There are a variety of plants that are just for this purpose to plant around your sacred crop to keep them out!
    Such things like marigolds near squash and cabbage, has an odor they don’t like.
    Each little pesky one has its “icky stay away from that” plant that they will leave your crops alone.
    plant them at the same time as the plant so they grow in size together to keep them out.

    Go to Martha Stewart.com and look up her gardening tips. They never fail me.
    Good luck and happy growing!!

    1. Bonnie! Thank you! I need all the advice I can get, so this is very helpful! I’m actually a bit nervous about starting a garden because I kill house plants like crazy. Haha. But I am so determined to grow my own food, so I’m going for it! I’m sure I will have a million questions, so I’ll keep you in mind if I need to get some more advice. It should be fun 🙂

  3. Wow, you are going to busy this year! I understand how your decorating style can shift. That’s why I’m so glad we built our new home several years ago that I went with neutrals in my big ticket items. But now that we’ve been here four years, I’m feeling the need for refreshing the area rugs in the dining and great rooms. The rugs we currently have will go in the spare bedrooms and those rugs will be repurposed elsewhere in our house. I really love the area rug you have in your living room! I’m still considering it, if it’s still available. Area rug shopping is SO difficult! I’ll be interested to see how all of your projects work out this year, so keep us posted! Happy week, Ashley! Zenda

    1. Well you are in luck, I am writing a few blog posts now all about rugs! I literally just did the same thing in our home. I had jute rugs in every single room, and after having Bailey, we decided to slowly switch them all out because the jute just wasn’t kid friendly! Rug shopping is SO hard! So look out for that post soon! And I’m so happy to have you here Zenda!

  4. I am getting my living room combined dining area painted in March. I can not decide on a color. I bought 4 samples from Sherwin Williams, and I don’t really like any of them. This is an expensive project from me to have done, and I don’t want to make a mistake. Since I am 78 years old, this is probably the color I will live with for the remaining years God gives me. You have a lengthy list of jobs you want to get done. Since this is not your forever home, I guess anything you do will add to the reselling of your home in the future. Take lots of time for the little one since they grow up very fast. Have a good day.

    1. I totally understand! Our living room connects to our dining, hallway, entry, and kitchen so I had to find a paint color that worked for all areas! It’s definitely a hard decision! I’m sure you will find the perfect color. And yes, we have a lot to do to this house before we decide to sell it. But I promise the little one alway comes first! We’ll see how much I actually get accomplished with her running around! Lol. Have a great day Francis!

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