Fifteen Months of Motherhood

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Fifteen months of motherhood have gone by in the blink of an eye. I’m sharing an update on Bailey and how things are going!

15 Months of Motherhood

I’m so incredibly overdue for an update on little miss Bailey, so here we are! Can you even believe she is fifteen months?

I still cannot seem to get a grasp on time. It goes way too fast! People always warned me, but I get it now. So I soak every bit of her up every single day.

15 Months of Motherhood

With everything that is going on in the world, this girl is our ray of sunshine. I don’t know what I would have done without her through it all.

There are always silver linings in bad circumstances, and one of them is that my husband has been working from home since March. He has gotten to spend so much more time with her than we ever thought possible.

She is our little blessing, and we just adore her to no end.

15 Months of Motherhood

Bailey at Fifteen Months

Bailey has been walking since around 13 months. She has eight teeth and a few more coming in. She is starting to get some curls in the back, like mama.

She loves books, baths, bugs, rocks, being outside, and puppies. She’s learning animal noises, like the cow says “moo”!

15 Months of Motherhood

Her favorite foods are anything peanut butter, blueberries, cottage cheese, all breads, and ice cream.

She is so smart, and so sweet. I love watching her learn new things and try to say new words.

15 Months of Motherhood

I spend all day chasing her around the house, and I wouldn’t want it any other way! Her little personality is really starting to shine through.

15 Months of Motherhood

I am endlessly proud to be her mama. I don’t take anything forgranted. Yeah, some days are hard, but being a mom is by far the best thing that ever happened to me.

15 Months of Motherhood
15 Months of Motherhood
15 Months of Motherhood

I promise I won’t wait as long to give you all an update on this little lady! I love that you ask about her all the time!

I still consider you all like family for being here since day one of our fertility struggle. And I’ll always be forever grateful for you!

15 Months of Motherhood

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  1. She’s so beautiful! I’m so happy for you & your husband. Funny thing: I have a 33 y/o daughter named Ashton who has a 9 y/o daughter named Bailee! I guess Ash & Bailee just naturally go together…Plus, we lived in Hillsboro, MO for a while when Ashton was about 8. Small world keeps getting smaller 😉

  2. Soak up all that preciousness. Motherhood truly is your most important role. Thanks for the update. She is beautiful.

  3. The very top picture in this post has Bailey looking so much like your profile picture on the right! She is such a little cutie!

  4. Your little daughter is a beauty – just like you! When I saw her little blue jean leggings, boots and little cardigan, my heart melted! Oh how I miss dressing them at this age! Mine are 34 and 22 so those days are long gone for this momma. Soak it all in. You literally blink and eye and they are grown and living on their own. (tear)

  5. How she has grown! I think all of us are experiencing this same thing about time fleeting. You would think, because of the virus and all of the ways it has changed our lives, it would be the opposite, but my mother, who lived to be 100, warned me that time just speeds by faster and faster as we age. I love your daughter’s little jeans and boots. So cute. Thanks for sharing.

  6. OMG–what a love. I am so happy for you and your husband. Time goes quickly- savor every moment. Our littlest granddaughter just turned 1 today and our eldest is 17, a senior and looking at colleges. We are also blessed with2 Grandsons and 2 other Granddaughters. Seems like yesterday we were running around with our 3 Sons.
    Stay well and stay safe.

  7. I have tears welling up seeing these photos of your little darling, and reading your words. She is absolutely beautiful!! I have followed you for a few years and seen your heartache from a distance, when you wondered if your hopes and dreams would ever come true. What an extra special blessing your little Bailey is!! I am so, so happy for you and your husband! Thank you for sharing photos of her. This made my day!

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