Office Gallery Wall

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I am really, really excited about some projects we are currently working on for our office, but first I wanted to share this little gallery wall I finished in there today. Gallery walls are hard guys!!! It’s like this puzzle that you mess around with for hours (yes, hours in my case) until all the pieces fit just right. To make it worse, we have piles and piles of picture frames in our basement that I had to pick from, so it was difficult to narrow it down without making it look too cluttered. Is it possible to over clutter a gallery wall? I think there is a fine line to be honest. Our office has a lot going on so I didn’t want to overdo this wall. Plus, there is a great DIY piece that will go directly underneath it that I didn’t want to take away from. For now I am happy with it, but it is always subject to change!


Office Gallery Wall 2


Office Gallery Wall 6


I’ve mentioned before that the majority of our office is all flea market finds or vintage items I’ve found out antiquing. I finally got to display some of these awesome gems in this gallery wall. I found the old Chicago map from Vintage Market Days last spring, along with the vintage flash cards. The bingo cards I got at a little local shop that sells found or repurposed items, and that awesome letters print I just purchased last weekend at one of my favorite local shops too.


Office Gallery Wall 3


Office Gallery Wall 5


I still love the DIY City GPS Coordinates Sign I made because it marks the city my husband and I bought this house in, which is our first home together. It fit pretty great in this little office gallery wall so I had to use it! I’m so so glad I get to display these cute little finds finally! I hope you like them too!


Office Gallery Wall 5


Also! Congrats to the winner of my recent Farmers Market sign giveaway – BETH LIVINGSTON!!! Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter, and I hope to have many more in the future!!!


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  1. I love the coordinates signs! I want to try to make one – how do you find out what the coordinates are of a particular place?? Thanks for a great blog!

    1. Thank you so so much! You can find the website I used if you go to Projects on my home page, and find the Coordinates Sign blog post I did. I put a link to the site so you can go there and type in what place you what them for! Super easy!

  2. Awesome idea!!!
    Great job lady!!!
    Congrats to Beth on winning the fabulous sign. I’m jealous.
    Looking forward to your Friday’s post.

    1. Thanks so much Paige! Gallery walls are tricky but such a good way to display some awesome finds and pictures!

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