Natural and Neutral Christmas Decorations

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A shopping guide full of natural and neutral Christmas decorations to help you plan for the season. Greens, whites, creams, blacks, wood tones, and metals that blend so well together for a festive display.  

Natural and Neutral Christmas Decorations Shopping Guide


Christmas decorating has begun at the Little Glass Jar house, and I have to say, I am pretty excited about it.  It is by far the earliest I have ever decorated, I usually wait until after Thanksgiving, but what can I say, it just felt right! I know there is a lot of controversy about people skipping out on turkey day, but I think you can enjoy the tree up while overeating all that yummy food at the same time!

This year I decided to go very natural, neutral, and simple with our Christmas decorations, and while shopping for myself, I decided I would throw together a little guide for you too! I know red is a staple for the season, but if by chance you are swinging in another direction, here are some of the best decor I have found while browsing away!

I hope you find it useful, or you find something you are looking for! If not, let me know and maybe I’ll be able to help! Happy shopping my friends!

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I hope this guide helps you get your decorating done for the holidays!

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  1. Beautiful! Be careful not to destroy your walls. If you ever damage your wall or ceiling, a repair is essential to resolve the problem instantly so the damage won’t get worse.

  2. Its really nice to see this article. Good suggestion indeed. Are they DIY products all? If not from where can I get this all? If there any store recommendations kindly let me know. Have a good day 🙂

  3. Isn’t it so fun to shop and dream online? =] I am still a traditionalist and stay with the Christmas red and green but I do love the buffalo check! Thanks for sharing all these great pieces with us.

    I always wait till after Thanksgiving too… but I used to be a humongous fall lover. Like my home was decorated with primitive decor and the fall colors were my staple colors. I’ve lightened and brightened up quite a bit, more towards the Spring colors. So now I decorate less fall. I will be putting up the first of 7 trees in our home real soon!

    Thanks for sharing and have a delightful week~

  4. Some beautiful pieces you have chosen to share. I started earlier this year since we are going to family for Thanksgiving.

    Christmas Eve and other gatherings are here so I have time and I will have less stress.

    Enjoy your day


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