Entryway Coat Hooks

Our front door entryway has been pretty bare since we moved into our house. It doesn’t have a ton of space to do some of the things I would like, but I’m working to make it a cozy, inviting space for our guests who enter our home. We hung a simple mirror when I started to decorate the living room, and through down a rug, but that is about the extent of it. Nothing special. One project I knew I wanted to do was make a coat rack to hang under the mirror, so that is just what I did this week. I found these adorable coat hooks from Home Depot that are a part of the Home Decorators Collection that I loved, and just made a simple rack out of a spare piece of wood.

I started by cutting the board to size, doing the typical coat of dark stain, and then I roughed it up a bit for the old look that you all know I love! I beat the board with a hammer, leaving scratch marks and indentions, then added another coat of stain.


coathooks 116


After the stain was dry, I measured the board and evenly spaced out the hooks where I wanted them. The screws that came with the hooks were way too long for the board I was using, so I just applied a quick coat of black spray paint to some gold ones I already had, and here is how it turned out!!! Simple!


coathooks 121



















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  1. Would it also be ok to hang a small round wreath on a larger round mirror that has a square frame ? Where did you find that simple wreath with the lace tie? How did you hook it ?


  2. Love it!!! By the way I love your wall color! What is the name of it? We are looking at colors this week to paint our living room.

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