Haven Bound

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You guys!!! I am so excited right now! I’m on my way to Atlanta today to attend my first blogging conference! If you have been reading any home decor or DIY blogs in the past few years, then you most likely have heard one of them mention it.  There are so so many amazing conferences held each year, but this one is perfect for my blogging niche. It’s called Haven Conference and it’s generally for any Home/DIY bloggers.  Hundreds of bloggers gather for a weekend of networking with sponsors and other bloggers, attending classes to better their business for all of you, our wonderful readers, and to have a great time! I am so happy that I made the decision to attend this year, as my two year Blogiversary is also this month and I am looking to really focus on making this little space the best it can be!

After I committed to the conference, I knew I had to order some business cards for the first time ever! Does this make me legit now? I never thought I would need business cards for anything in my life! But here I am. And in true DIY fashion, I designed and created them all by myself (other than the printing part, obviously)! I wanted you all to be the FIRST to see them!


Blogging Business Cards


Blogging Business Cards


Blogging Business Cards


Blogging Business Cards


Blogging Business Cards


If you are at all interested in following along with me for this fun filled weekend, be sure to follow me on SNAPCHAT at littleglassjar!

Ill try and update as much as I can!


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  1. They’re awesome Ashley, I hope you have the time of your life. Its so exciting when you know you’ve come this far and you’re officially legit with business cards and all, I too need to get on that and order some but not sure how or where from, any tips?

    1. Thanks so much! It’s definitely exciting! I created mine myself on Canva and then ordered them through OvernightPrints.com. Canva has tons of business card templates, it was super easy! Hope this helps!

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