Favorite Farmhouse Style Blogs

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I remember the first blog I ever started following. It was years ago, and I really didn’t even know that home decor blogs even existed. I would visit this particular blog almost daily and waited ever so impatiently for new posts so I could take a peek into her beautiful home. I was so nosy when it came to seeing how people decorated, so someone openly sharing theirs with me felt almost like a secret that nobody else knew about. Her blog played a huge role in why I started Little Glass Jar. I wanted to document how we are turning our house into a place we are proud to call home, and if people want to follow along, that just makes the experience even better!

Favorite Farmhouse Style Blogs.

Since I started blogging almost two years ago, I have met so many amazing bloggers along the way! Being a part of this community has been such a blessing in my life. I have also been able to really fine tune my style and what I am drawn to the most when it comes to home decor. Modern farmhouse with a mix of vintage secondhand finds is the way to my heart, so I wanted to share some of my Favorite Farmhouse Style Blogs I drawn inspiration from. I hope that you find a new favorite among these incredibly talented ladies!


Favorite Farmhouse Style Blogs

L I Z  M A R I E  B L O G


Favorite Farmhouse Style Blogs

L O V E  G R O W S  W I L D


Favorite Farmhouse Style Blogs

R O O M S  F O R  R E N T


Favorite Farmhouse Style Blogs. Thistlewood Farms.

T H I S T L E W O O D   F A R M S


Favorite Farmhouse Style Blogs

M I S S  M U S T A R D  S E E D


Favorite Farmhouse Style Blogs. The Lettered Cottage.

T H E   L E T T E R E D  C O T T A G E


Favorite Farmhouse Style Blogs. The Wood Grain Cottage.

T H E  W O O D  G R A I N  C O T T A G E

Favorite Farmhouse Blogs. Jenna Sue Design.

J E N N A  S U E  D E S I G N  B L O G


I’m sorry in advance for all of the hours you are going to spend reading blog post after blog post! (But really, I’m not.)



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  2. As a tiny 570′ vintage farmhouse owner i also like to look at farmhouse blogs. Liz Marie blog is a also one of my fav blogs. You have a lovely home.

  3. I love this post! I recently posted a blog post that’s very “farm to table” inspired from a project in Upstate New York. I’d love for you to check it out.

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