New Vintage Style Living Room Rug

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How to use a rug to add some vintage style to your room. See how a bold new rug can really change the vibe of a space. 

New Vintage Style Living Room Rug

We have a new rug in our living room, and I went way out of my comfort zone on this one friends!

You know I am a neutrals girl, so rugs have always been easy for me to pick out. Why? Because every single rug in our house was once just a natural colored jute rug.

I absolutely love the look of jute rugs. They are my number one favorite go-to for our style, but they do come with some cons too.

However, I think I will save that discussion for another blog post. I have so much to say about rugs!

New Vintage Style Living Room Rug

Overall, the main reason for the switch was that I wanted something a little softer for Bailey to play on. And let me tell you, going in a different direction other than jute was so hard.

I knew I wanted something vintage looking. True vintage rugs are very, very expensive so I knew I would have to go with something new. 

New Vintage Style Living Room Rug

When I say I looked at hundreds of rugs, I mean it. I did. A rug can change the entire vibe of a space, so I had to get this one right. Especially since it was in our living room of all places!

New Vintage Style Living Room Rug

I had to pick one with colors that I could pull from when decorating with throw pillows, blankets, and other accessories. 

I had to pick a pattern that wasn’t too modern or too busy so that it still went with my style.

I had to pick a size that was perfect for our layout of furniture. 

New Vintage Style Living Room Rug

So this beauty is what I landed on. It is the Layla by Lololi in charcoal/olive. It feels like butter under my feet. It isn’t too thick, or too thin.

It has the most beautiful vintage pattern and it pulls so many different colors that I already decorate with. 

New Vintage Style Living Room Rug

So basically I am smitten with it, and I had to share!

It’s a big change for this room, and it goes with how my style is evolving. I have lots of changes I want to make in this room eventually. I hope you stick around to see them!

New Vintage Style Living Room Rug

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  1. just curious when I use your link it directs me to this:
    Alexander Home Isabelle Traditional Vintage Border Printed Area Rug – 7’6″ x 9’6″

    Which is not at all the name you provided in the article. Can you clarify?

  2. Love your new rug! How is Bailey? Love to see a current photo of her. BTW-Happy 1st Mother’s Day!

    1. Thanks Eve! And yes I am way overdue for a Bailey update! I’ve got one coming! You guys aren’t gonna believe how much she’s grown! I can’t even stand it!

  3. Hi
    Love the look of your new rug but have read a lot of negative reviews about the look of the screen print… do you think it looks cheap at all or are you still happy with it? Did you put a pad under it?
    Thank you for all your wonderful posts!

    1. I saw those comments too before I pulled the trigger. I didn’t see some of the flaws people were talking about on mine. I don’t know if each one is different or what. I’ve had mine for a few months and I love it more and more everyday. I will say the colors are a lot more olive than in the online photos. But I do love it!

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