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Natural Easter Tablescape via Little Glass Jar

Natural Easter Tablescape

Holidays hold so much meaning. It’s a time to be with all of the ones you love the most, your friends, your family. I know for me, our family has so many traditions that hardly ever change from year to year. We go to the same place. We make the same dish. We have to nap to nurse our food comas. You know, the usual. Easter for my family always was spent at my grandparents house in the county. Easter for me reminds me of my grandma. She would cook up a huge meal, including the best lumpy mashed potatoes around, and she would make these elaborate Easter cakes with coconut flakes on top, decorated with bunnies or whatever else she created. I remember as a kid I would sneak into the laundry room where she hid them, and I’d swipe a finger full of icing before dinner. Those memories make me smile. Continue Reading