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Guest Bedroom

Farmhouse Guest Bedroom via
All in the Details

Farmhouse Guest Bedroom

I’m pretty sure I have been saying our guest bedroom is almost done for a really long time now. Although I consider everything a work in progress, I thought it was time to share how it looks as of now. Then I figure I can fill you all in as I go with future updates. I love where the space is at now, and I only have a few minor things I may change. Due to my love for antiques I am constantly switching things out when I find new goodies, and this room has already seen its fair share of changes. That’s why I love the modern farmhouse style. You can pair new pieces with old vintage ones, and it just flows. Continue Reading


Vintage Door Headboard

One mans trash is another mans treasure. Or woman in my case! I have always loved this saying because it is a direct reflection of my style, and it is so true! Sometimes I am just in awe of how you can find exactly what you are looking for in a secondhand store, rather than a big higher end one. For instance, we have been looking into getting a new headboard for our guest bedroom since we moved into our house, but we weren’t having much luck.  It has been driving me crazy because I felt a headboard was the one big detail that was missing from the guest room space. Then fate stepped in as it always does, and I found an old vintage closet door that I instantly knew would be perfect for our bed. Did I buy it right then and there? Of course not! I passed it up on multiple occasions and regretted it every time until finally I knew I had to pull the trigger before someone else did. Another saying, here today gone tomorrow would have haunted me if I didn’t buy this door. Plus, it was only $39.00! Why I make things more difficult and stressful than they should be is beyond me! Continue Reading


Industrial Stool Nightstands

I keep saying our guest bedroom is almost done, but for real, it is so so close! If you’ve seen pictures of it in previous posts then you’ve probably already noticed that I’ve used some metal industrial stools as the nightstands in there. Well my husband and I found these at Sam’s Club nearly a year ago on sale for only $14 a piece! I literally stood in the aisle for ten minutes staring at the price sign to make sure I was seeing it correctly. These stools usually go for $40-$60 a piece easy, so we bought four of them, even though we have no where to put them. I mean, you can’t pass up on a deal like that! Continue Reading


Guest Bedroom Maebels Sign

This winter has recently been bringing nothing but sickness into our house, but today is the first day my husband and I have both been feeling a lot better, so time for a little blog update on our guest room! I have been looking for something to hang above the bed in this room for some time now, and I just love all of these handmade signs I’ve been seeing! This sign in particular! The adorable little Etsy shop I purchased this beautiful sign from is called Maebels, and they are some very talented ladies! I absolutely love the way this sign turned out, and it fills the space perfectly! If you follow me on Instagram, THIS was the happy mail I was referring to the other day!

I am  a l m o s t  done with this guest bedroom, I just have a few things to change out and add.  This sign was one of the main things I was waiting to purchase, so now it should be all downhill from here! Continue Reading

Home Tour

Guest Bedroom Makeover Preview

I am known to have too many projects going on at one time. I have been talking a lot lately about how I am giving our office a makeover, but this past weekend we painted our guest bedroom and now my focus has shifted a little towards working on it instead.  I just wanted to share a few pictures with you because I am really excited where it is headed. Before, it was very dark, with an overwhelming amount of brown. I wanted to brighten it up a lot, so we went from taupe on the walls to a very light gray, and that alone changed the entire room. I have a few pieces for the walls that I still have to order, and maybe a few other items to add here and there, but I am already in love with it. Let me know what you think!!! Continue Reading