DIY Farmhouse Candle Pedestals via Little Glass Jar

Farmhouse Candle Pedestals

I have five blog notebooks. Five of them. I carry each one around with me at different times and always jot down project ideas I have. Some of those ideas are big, some are small, some work, others don’t. That’s the name of the game though when it comes to being a DIYer. I cannot tell you how many projects I have finished that I never shared because I thought maybe they weren’t important enough for an entire blog post. They are mostly the smaller ones that don’t make the cut. The little details that add that much needed charm to a space. The accessories of a room, I guess you could call them. These are my favorite parts, and I realized I want to share them. Continue Reading

Simple Valentines Day Table

Simple Valentines Day Table

When it comes to Valentines Day, your mind probably wanders to roses, chocolates and a romantic night out. Or maybe it doesn’t. Maybe your ideal Valentines Day looks a little different than it did years ago, and that’s perfectly okay!  I am a homebody like no other, so this holiday is best spent with a low key night in, nothing fancy, just relaxing with my husband. That’s right, this thirty year old has already reached old lady status…like five years ago, actually. You are about to see how simple I can get around here! Continue Reading

DIY Rustic Wooden Tote

Rustic Wooden Tote

Friday, you have never looked so good. I mean it. Really. I love you Friday. Let’s be best friends. You guys, this week was full of very unexpected life changing blows. And that is not even me being dramatic. We are talking future job lay-offs and baby making obstacles galore. One of these days, I’ll share I promise. But for now, I am celebrating the weekend being here, and not having any plans! Whoo hoo! I have a date with Dateline tonight, and then I am going to get some emotions out by deep-cleaning my house (I’m weird like that), and then I am going to relax with my hubby. I think we deserve it after this week. Continue Reading


January Favorites

January. One month already in the books for the new year. I really do wish time would slow down! It’s been a month of ups and downs already, but I still have so much faith that two-thousand and seventeen will be a great one. One of my goals for this year is to get a little more personal with you on the blog, so I thought taking time each month to share some favorites of mine would be a good start. I’m going to really play around with these, share some of the things I take screenshots of that I love, maybe start taking my camera around with me and sharing some candid shots that I take here and there, favorite products or blog posts I find. A little of this, a little of that. So we’ll see how it goes. Continue Reading

DIY Bookshelf Kitchen Island via Little Glass Jar

Bookshelf Kitchen Island

This post is the epitome of why I love do-it-yourself projects. Repurposing old into new, being able to use my creativity, and saving a ton of money in the process is what it’s all about! My taste in home décor changes from time to time, a lot or a little, so I am always looking at ways to flip a piece I already have and try to make it fit a new style. I tend to let unused pieces sit in our basement for long periods of time, but before I get rid of them I play around with a few ideas. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. That’s just the name of the game! I always figure, what’s the harm in making a last ditch effort!? Continue Reading

Round Up

Farmhouse Style Cleaning Supplies

I like pretty things. I know I can’t possibly be alone in this!  Pretty house accessories, to be exact, are my weakness and I don’t hate it. The kitchen supplies section at World Market, basically anything at The Container Store, and the adorable organization stuff at Home Goods make me all giddy inside! That might come off incredibly strange to some people, but that’s okay. I really don’t mind. This obsession of mine actually started with a broom. It was wooden and the handle was paint dipped in ivory, and it motivated me to actually use it more because it was adorable. Still weird, I guess so. Continue Reading