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Furniture Redo

Farmhouse Side Table
Furniture Redo

Farmhouse Side Table Makeover + GIVEAWAY

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Behr. All opinions are 100% my own.

You’ve heard people say it before, there is real power in paint. It can transform the walls of a room, or completely change a piece of furniture.  I always always always will give a discarded piece of furniture a second chance at life by slapping on a fresh coat of paint and seeing if it works. You really have nothing to lose by at least trying! I recently did a big time clean up of what I like to call my basement flea market (or a potential episode of Hoarders), and I had this little wood side table that I used for my record player and records back in the day that needed some love. So I gave it my attention. Continue Reading

Furniture Redo

Farmhouse Desk

I spent a ton of time working on our office this weekend. One day I think it’s almost done, the next day I am wanting to redo it all again. It’s been a very slow process to say the least. The desk that I was using in the space when I worked from home was pretty beat up, and very much not my style anymore. It was just a simple dark brown, modern desk from Target that I’ve had for years. I’ve been on the lookout for a new one, but spending money on a new desk is pretty low on my list of priorities right now. I decided to try and salvage the old before getting rid of it, and as always, I am so so glad I did.

My plans for this desk were pretty simple. I wanted to paint the body of it white and add a plank wood top, to see if I could turn it into a cute little farmhouse desk. I ran the plans by my husband and we were off to our local hardware store for supplies. Continue Reading

Furniture Redo

Four Drawer Side Table

You have seen this wall in my office decorated many times on previous posts, but I think I finally got it right this time. I could not be more excited about the progress I’ve made in this room, and I am so excited to share it soon. It is such a collection of all of my favorite flea market finds and DIY projects. Not much of what is in my office was bought new, which is why I just love it so much. It just goes to show what you can do with things that are repurposed.

I have had this little four drawer chest for a very long time that my aunt had given to me for free. I sanded it, stained it dark, and bought some new silver pulls for it, but it just didn’t look it’s best to me. I decided I would put it in the basement until I came up with another idea for it. It’s a unique piece, in my opinion, so recently I thought I would give it another go. I stripped it, which was a huge mess, it got rained on, then it sat in our garage for a few months. I was over it and on the verge of just sending it off to Goodwill or something. Continue Reading

Furniture Redo

Office Dresser Makeover

Our office has been an ongoing mess for months now. I can’t seem to just pick a room and stick with it until it’s done! Since I will no longer be working from home after the next few weeks, I am back at trying to get our office in order and super organized. You would think I would have done that a long time ago considering I spend forty hours a week in there! Nope. Since we have so much computer equipment for my job, our computer desk had to be on the wall with the internet hookup, and to me it just made the room annoying to try and decorate because I hated the layout. Now, I get to move my desk wherever I want! So that motivates me to again, pick up decorating the room. I am strange, right?

Anyways, I had this chest of drawers sitting in my basement for years that we never used for anything. I love it so much therefore I could never part with it. Recently I was telling my mom how I was wanting to redo it, and come to find out that it actually belonged to my great great aunt! I had no idea! So I knew then that I needed to keep it and give it a little love. I love family hand me downs, and this one just gained so much more value! Continue Reading

Furniture Redo

Pedestal Drop Leaf Table Makeover

Never judge a piece of furniture by its cover. Isn’t that the saying? Two weekends ago my husband and I made our weekly Sunday trip to the local flea market, as usual.  As much as I would like to claim this find as my own, it was my husband who brought my attention to this lonely little drop leaf table. He knows I’ve always wanted one, but they are pricey in antique stores to say the least. This solid wood, pedestal bottom, drop leaf table in all its glory had a five dollar price tag. Say what!? Yeah. Five bucks! We grabbed it and ran with it, well after I broke my wallet paying the entire five dollars for it. I still cannot even believe my husband sometimes. I literally walked right past it, didn’t even see it. God bless his heart. Continue Reading

Furniture Redo

Office Cubbie Makeover

My office is slowly but surely becoming my favorite room to redecorate in our house.  It used to be the home to all of my husbands sports stuff, and to say he has a lot of sports things is the understatement of the century.  Last winter he so nicely let me pack it all up and do whatever I wanted with the office. Considering I do spend forty hours a week working in there, I couldn’t resist. I’ll share the whole makeover process with you once I am done and do the entire reveal, but I did want to share my favorite piece in there right now.

My aunt gave me this amazing wooden cubbie that she had sitting around in her garage for free.  First of all,  I never pass up free furniture if it can be saved and refinished.  Continue Reading